Here are 10 basic ground rules you should know BEFORE contacting a sex worker. You'd think some of these would be common sense, but apparently that isn't the case. In this article, I am going to spell it out for those veterans still making mistakes and for those new folks just getting into this luxury service.

There are a lot of annoyances and just stupid mistakes many suitors make when talking to a sex worker that makes the conversation difficult or rocky to set something up. So here are some basic ground rules anyone should know prior to reaching out to a sex worker. I will state they are not in order of importance because every sex worker has their own preferences of how they would like to be contacted. With that said, these are the most common points everyone should know:

  1. READ HER ADVERTISEMENT/WEBSITE. More likely than not, whatever you're going to ask her is already on her website or on her ad. So please read her information prior to texting/emailing her. It saves both parties wasted time.
  2. DON'T EXPECT AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. Depending on the situation some sex workers will not answer you two seconds after you make contact. Most answer at their earliest convenience. So be patient.
  3. PROVIDE A PROPER AND POLITE INTRODUCTION. I cannot emphasize this enough, the first message you send, sets the tone for the entire encounter.
  4. PLAN AHEAD. When you make contact, its polite and preferred to suggest a date AND time you'd like to see her. It helps with planning and going forward.
  5. YOU NEED TO RESPECT HER BOUNDARIES AND RULES. If a worker states on her ad or Twitter that she does not provide a certain service, then DO NOT, in any circumstance ask her if she will do that service she already advertised that she doesn't do.
  6. THIS IS A LUXURY INDUSTRY. No one has the rights to our bodies even in this line of work. It's a luxury industry because you don't have the automatic right, therefore it comes at a luxury price. Don't haggle her prices, find someone else in your price range.
  7. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. It is very helpful if you have an idea of what kind of experience you'd like beforehand. It gives the sex worker an idea of what you're looking for to help please both of you.
  8. HER TIME IS HER MONEY. So don't go wasting it by trying to sext her. Sexting a sex worker for FREE is not a thing. Trust me.
  9. WASH YOUR PRIVATES. Hygiene is very important. If don't plan on having a shower prior to a session then don't bother coming. If you are not clean, then we won't want to touch you.
  10. WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE 24/7 AND WE HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF SEX WORK. Not all sex workers do this work full time. A lot of us have civilian job(s), a personal life, a family life, and a private life. Therefore, we are not available right when you contact us. That's why a lot of us encourage pre-bookings. Don't expect us to be waiting on our beds in full gear for you to come by two minutes after you text us.

Lastly, sex work is real work. If you don't believe this then you don't deserve our bodies, our time, or our minds.

Hopefully this has been helpful to many of you who hope to see a working girl in the future. Need clarity on anything I have stated above? Let me know and I can elaborate further in possibly another article or in the comment section. If you are a working girl and think I forgot something, then please feel free to comment and let me know!