Talent is one thing but you can't forget the visuals.

Considering the reputation Ottawa has always held throughout the years, it's exhilarating to see just how far the city has come artistically and culturally. A city once labelled sleepy and governmental is now attracting the attention of media outlets such as 6ixbuzzz and Montreality. Additionally, traditional, more so conservative media platforms such as CBC have finally started to cover urban youth and the musical creations of this demographic in a positive, uplifting manner.

With that being said, this recognition and consideration didn't just stem from anywhere. In recent years, we've seen artists in the city really step their game up. The talent has always been there but when it came to branding, image, and visuals, we could definitely say something was missing. Since then however, artists have come correct and to say the least, we're impressed.

That's why we've compiled this list of some of the best visuals to come out from Ottawa artists in 2018. Whether it was the storyline, the visual effects, or the overall vibe in these music videos, they most definitely left a memorable impact.

If you think we missed anyone, drop a comment below!


Charle$ - On Me

Despite the controversy surrounding WolfieRaps, or Charle$ as his artist name goes, in 2018, the YouTuber turned rapper dropped his first ever single, "On Me" accompanied with a music video. The song served as an apology to his ex/explanation of what happened with his also famous YouTuber ex girlfriend, Sylvia Gani and their breakup. That said, the music video was phenomenal. It's clear this was a high budget video that had a lot of thought put into it; from the lighting, to the setting, to the acting, to mundane things, such as outfits, everything meshed together perfectly. Whether you decided to stay a fan of Charle$ himself, it's undeniable that he wanted his remorse to be clear in this video.


Omari Mydz - Naw

To be quite frank, this list would most definitely not be complete if this music video wasn't on it. For starters, "Naw" by Omari Mydz features some of the most beautiful shots from California and honestly, nuff' said. Jokes aside, the quality of the video is exceptional and it features aerial shots, presumably via drone, dope edit effects, as well as great outfit choices. Together, these features make this music video an amazing addition to our list.


Maurice Moore - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Maurice Moore never fails to show listeners why he's so deserving of all the recognition he's gotten so far in his career. The music video for "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" is further evidence of his merit. For starters, he features a dark skin Black woman as his love interest in the video which is amazing in terms of inclusivity and representation. Additionally, the visuals are beautiful; shot on a beach in California, fans are presented with sunset shots that blow you away. There are also choreographed dances all throughout the video.


A.M x Chafic - Champion

Yet another very memorable music video, "Champion" featured a completely different concept than what we've seen with Ottawa artists before. A.M. and Chafic shot this video at a boxing ring and it has some really sick shots as well as overlays from real boxing matches. That said, not only is the creativity A1 but the quality is also impressive.


XUAVE - No Faking

XUAVE has been an absolute powerhouse for quite some time now. He's already made a name for himself and not only in Ottawa. This music video for "No Faking" features some of the most amazing edits I've seen come out of a music video in Ottawa. In fact, the video feels like an artsy psychological thriller film that kind of trips you out but every little detail comes together seamlessly. If XUAVE keeps up the effort and creativity with videos such as this one, it's evident he'll only continue to gain notoriety.


Chrissy Spratt - Want This Love

To be frank, this video has a lot going on but it all comes together beautifully. A unique yet creative 3 minute video that features some gorgeous shots of Chrissy Spratt as well as the intriguing dance moves of the backup dancers featured in this "Want This Love" music video. Additionally, the silhouette shots of Chrissy paired with the neon lights make for some aesthetically-pleasing visuals.


Keynes Woods - Solitude

The music video for "Solitude" by Keynes Woods reminds me of Blue Valentine or The 11th Hour. From the hues to the edits, it's a very artistic video that really does make you feel solitary. The creativity and artistry that exudes from Keynes Woods is evident in this video and also testimonial to why he's blown up as much as he has.


NTHN - Too Late

Ahh, NTHN seriously delivered one of the best songs and music videos this year. "Too Late" serves as an all too painful reminder of that ex we accidentally let get away. It's nostalgic of the good times and the bad times of a relationship but the one thing that makes the video so impactful is how friggen' relatable it is. In fact, NTHN and his lead love interest do some great acting that feels all too real.


SixOneTrey Ft. Pter P - Wins and Losses

Honestly, one of the biggest things that completed the music video for "Wins and Losses" was where it was shot, Room 104. Fitting to the title, the music video features SixOneTrey and Pter P playing video games inside the arcade bar, partying, and pretty much just having an amazing time. The video has exceptional quality and the transitions are seamless. Additionally, the lighting and hues in this video tie everything together.



Another great video to end off this list. THEVFTERPVRTY's music video for "Japan" feels like one great big trip on acid. The edits are ridiculously good and they allow the music video to really fit the vibe of the song without going overboard. Furthermore, there are some sick shots of some monumental scenes in Ottawa including the Chinatown mural which is obviously a great portrayal of the beauty this city has to offer. If something's for sure, it's that THEVFTERPVRTY and his team were not fucking around when it came to putting this video together.