Lately, artistry in Ottawa has been boomin'! As someone who is trying to mark her spot in the media and socialite...

Lately, artistry in Ottawa has been boomin'! As someone who is trying to mark her spot in the media and socialite industry, I make it a point to try and keep up to date with hot new artists, great food spots, and dope clothing shops. I've noticed that Ottawa, a city considered to be lame and governmental,  is slowly starting to turn around from the reputation and this is thanks to the people of Ottawa working hard to put the city on the map.

Now, there are a bunch of artists and content creators working to get their names out there and to make their mark while uplifting the city. This list in specific, however, will introduce you to some of the newest, yet hottest music makers on the Ottawa scene right now.


Jeff Sanon - Rapper

This Ottawa rapper was born and raised in Ottawa, and he's been working on his musical career for a number of years now. He shares close ties with artists such as Maurice Moore and JYDN, coming together to form a group that calls themselves "stxrytellers". If you haven't listened to Jeff Sanon's music yet, it's best you start now; Jeff is well on his way to becoming huge in the music industry. He writes, records, and produces his own music making him a triple threat and even though he's not a household name yet, he's not far off from it.


Omari Mydz - Singer

You may have recognized him from the popular YouTube group, Team ALBOE's videos, but Omari Mydz is a superstar in his own domain. Releasing two songs earlier this year, Omari Mydz made it known that he was here to establish his presence in the music industry. He's already opened for two of Ramriddlz shows and the crowd reacted with enthusiasm and contentment, meaning you know it was lit! Don't be alarmed by the lack of content on his Sound Cloud page because there is most definitely an album coming soon; the grind don't stop with Omari!


Jai - Singer

If you don't have Jai on your radar yet, what are you doing? I mean if One Direction ever needed a replacement for Zayn, they seriously could've just hit Jai up. About a month ago, this singer/songwriter released his first ever music video for his single, Ransom and it's received amazing feedback so far. It's a high quality, well thought out video to accompany an even better sounding song aka you need to listen to it now!


Jessie Simmons - Singer

This Haitian-Canadian superstar singer has definitely garnered attention to her name locally. She's fairly popular here in Ottawa and it's only a matter of time before she dominates the world with her voice! Jessie actually has a single called Always On My Mind releasing tomorrow, September 29th, 2017 so what better time than now to discover her musical abilities. Her music is available on all platforms so I'm thinking Beyonce better watch out for the competition...


Kazi Gallardo - Rapper

Kazi Gallardo is fairly new to the rap game but he's already been featured by major blogs (and now, CityinThree!) He's got an incredible flow and he spits real fire; if you haven't looked into his music yet or checked him out, it's best you do so now before he goes Hollywood!


ADUB - Rapper

ADUB has been in the music industry for quite some time now and he's definitely well known in the scene. Traveling back and forth between Canada and the U.S., ADUB has released some dope music and he's only coming out with more. From the lyrics to the flows, this Canadian rapper has got it all under control so you may as well stay tuned for a possible upcoming 2017 EP.


Alannah Sterling - Singer

If you haven't discovered Alannah Sterling yet, prepared to have your mind blown. Pairing her incredibly powerful voice with upbeat instrumentals, this singer/songwriter will become a household name. Defying the conventional, Alannah's music is a fuse of rock, pop, and folk and it's about to take over the music scene.


Darius Martin - Drummer

If you have not yet heard or seen Darius Martin performing on the drums, you're playing yourself, hard. This rock star drummer is definitely heading towards being one of the most sought after drummers in Canada. In addition to this, Darius works hard as a musical director and as the drummer for PPL Nightclub’s house band. If you want to catch him before he blows up, PPL Nightclub on a Wednesday night is the place to be because if you're lucky, he’ll have a performance for Express Yourself. Luckily for us fans, he also has such an adoration for music that every couple of months, he runs a monthly open jam session at record runner studio.


Doressa - Singer

Very humble, very real, and very inspiring is exactly how I would describe Doressa. She's a sweet but impressive boss lady and you need to check her out; this is not a drill (except maybe it is). Doressa gives me Mary J. Blige/ Alicia Keys/ early 2000's R&B vibes, I can't exactly pin point it but all I know is that I'm a major fan and soon, you will be, too.

Vi - Singer

I have to give major shoutouts to my boy @thebookofEnock for introducing me to Vi because wow, just wow. She has such an amazing voice and her music is exactly what you need for when you're trying to get over a breakup. Local to Ottawa, she's performed at numerous shows and is already starting to pop off on Sound Cloud. I'm honestly just fan girling right now so check her out for yourself and then you can fan girl with me, *cries*!


Jamie Fine - Singer

The first time I ever heard Jamie Fine perform was at Express Yourself a little under a year ago. Her raspy, soothing, melodic voice caught me way off guard and I was fascinated. Recently, I heard her on Hot 899 and I was low key proud because if anyone deserves it, she does! Definitely someone you want to check out (alongside Elijah Woods) because her stuff is fire and she's about to blow up.

Alright, now that I've put you on to some of the best up and coming musicians of Ottawa, go show them some love! If there's anything Ottawa needs, it's the support and exposure of our local talent. They may not be the Kanye's or Drake or Beyonce's of the music industry right now, but these amazingly talented Ottawa locals are coming for that spot, just wait on it...