I honestly believe that 2018 was the year for creatives in Ottawa; the scene is getting bigger and a lot of people in the creative community are finally getting the recognition they deserve. This article is simply to highlight and to show appreciation to people whose crafts have inspired me. Although I would love to fit as many people as I can, it's a lot of work to find and discover creatives hence why it's important for creatives to share their craft with platforms like CityinThree. I'd also like to say that these types of list are made for one goal only: to make YOUR craft more accessible to the public, this is in no way shape or form to compare one creative to another one (hence why this is in no particular order).



This guy started photography almost 3 years ago and I had the chance to see him grow and flourish as an artist and not only become an accomplished photographer but an editor and creative director. He is one of the dopest artists I know and he has had the chance to shoot known performers in the hip-hop world, such as Machine Gun Kelly, Swaelee, YBN Nahmir and Playboi Carti, just to name a few. He is one of the go-to photographers for local events such as Bluesfest and he has worked with local based brands such as Zargara Label and Meraso LTD.



I literally have been in love with his photography for years now and it's embarrassing to admit but I was totally starstruck and medium key fangirling when I met him. His photography shows beauty in the details and his pictures encourage his audience to look at the world in a different way. I also love how he tries different forms of photography, may it be digital or film. His style is unique and aesthetically pleasing AF.

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She recently started posting her photography but let me tell you she is really good! She always has been very experimental and creative with her personal style but it is amazing to see her taking that creativity to put it in use and create visuals. What I love the most about her picture us how simple and complicated they are. Looking at her gallery, I really start thinking about the process she went through in order to create the photos but the best part is that not only does she take the photos, she also styles the models.



Shootsensei to me is the definition of creativity. He is most known for his spice series on Instagram, where he takes models and creates a concept based on a spice he chose, which to me is GENIUS. I love how he portrays models, I also appreciate the fact that the models he picks are diverse and his concepts are always well thought of.



Melissa is simply amazing. She recently came out with her very first EP titled: The Things I Should’ve Said to You and I have been bumping her project for months! Her EP is all about her take on modern relationships. I appreciate the quality and time she puts into her craft.



Lia quickly became one of my favourite artists in Ottawa as she just has such a dope flow and offers so much to the Ottawa scene. I honestly can’t wait to hear more of her sound as she comes out with some new tracks. Stay on the lookout for her!



I say this all the time but: I love me some JeffI have been listening to his music ever since I discovered him about a year ago and I have been putting all my friends onto his music! I literally listen to his music while getting ready to go out, when I’m feeling down simply, and just about for any reason because his music makes me so happy. Not only that but Jeff is a quadruple treat as he produces, sings, raps and writes.



Tribazoo is a rap French group and honestly, to me, French rap always has been a hit or miss. However, I have been impressed with what they have been putting out so far. They started with putting out freestyle videos on Instagram and have been consistent ever since.  They recently put out a music video with @chxrch titled ‘’Too Hot’’.



Sammy Keys came out with his new single ‘’Keys’’ and it has been playing all over Ottawa; this track has been on everyone’s story and their mama and with reason. He's a dope artist and his music is such a vibe, he has the type of music you'd be bumping in your car while taking a night drive. I am proud of him his work, in about a month his single ''Keys'' has hit 10k views and on SoundCloud 34k



I have always loved art, whether it be painting, photography, music etc. but I never really explored digital art and since I have been following him I have fallen in love with digital art. His couples series on Instagram has literally been my favourite, it’s very simple, realistic and simply beautiful.



DFlowers has been producing for a while now and has been growing as an artist ever since he started. What I love and admire the most about him is how consistent he is, he is legit the type of person to lock himself in his house just making beats for weeks and that’s how hard he wants it! He is also very experimental and always trying new things with his beats.



Rachel is a self-taught makeup artist and she does makeup for weddings, graduations, prom, birthdays, or just about whatever you need your makeup done for. Now, let me tell you she snatches your face! I love how creatives she is with eye shadows and the fact that she isn’t afraid to go all out on her models and glam them up.



I have been following EEMEDIA for quite a while and I think what they are doing is absolutely amazing. Their dedication to the city helps artists have a platform to express themselves. I actually love watching their interview in order to get more insight on certain creatives in the city that I admire and I think it's really important to mention this platform because they definitely have been setting themselves apart.