Summer is finally creeping up around the corner and you know what that means; artists are getting to drop the...
Summer is finally creeping up around the corner and you know what that means; artists are getting to drop the projects they've been working on all winter. Personally, this is most definitely my favorite time of the year because my Apple Music library gets updated almost daily with new music. So far, we've heard of artists like Kanye West, Drake, Nas, Ariana Grande, 50 Cent, Post Malone, and many, many more dropping albums this year which is pretty exciting in itself.
That being said, although we're looking forward to listening to these legends of the music industry, we're also looking forward to hearing more from smaller, up and coming Canadian artists. Whether they hail from the suburbs of the six, the capital of Canada, or the 514, Canada's next up talent is one to watch, especially this Summer.
Since his debut,Ramriddlzhas been producing tracks that are perfect for Summer vibes. Keeping the music lighthearted, fun, and catchy, the Mississauga-native has already made a name for himself in the GTA. Getting noticed by the likes of Drake, Justine Skye, and even Jake Paul was just the start of it though, as the young artist still has some work to do before he's considered a megastar. That said, with his dance hall vibes, Summer 2018 is the perfect opportunity for him to continue growing his sound so we're definitely hoping to get some new music from him.
Jessie Reyez
You may already know her since her track "Figures" was belted non-stop by heartbroken girls around North America butJessie Reyez is an artist we should be keeping our eyes on this Summer 2018. Her music is a nice cross between RnB and acoustic paired with a very unique, raspy voice. That said, her tracks are crooners that'll more than likely put you in your feelings meaning Jessie's music is perfect for those late Summer nights.
Omari Mydz
Now, I may have heard that Omari Mydz
was dropping some new music in the coming weeks and I couldn't be more excited. Since he first stepped on the scene, Omari proved to his listeners that he had one intention; making it big. Although he has a big plate to fill following the drop of his highly anticipated EP, PreConstruction, I'm certain that his ability to pair meaningful lyrics with melodic, catchy beats makes him the perfect artist to drop our next favorite summer anthem.

This up and coming artist from Toronto is just 22 years old but he's already worked with Grammy-nominated producers, amassed a fan base that spans across the world, and has established himself as an artist in Canada. In fact,andershas a pretty small repertoire of music but from what's already been heard, I'm pretty certain this is the Summer where he blows up.
Savannah Ré

Ever since she dropped her song, "Impressed", Savannah Réhas been making waves around Ontario. Unafraid of being vulnerable or transparent, Savannah expresses everything females have ever wanted to say but couldn't form the words to express. She has a very raw and authentic sound that I think will take her far this Summer and from the sounds of it, she might actually be dropping a project in the following months.

This Toronto based rapper almost seems to have appeared out of nowhere; one day, everyone was just banging Killy and his music was all over Ontario. Since then, he's hosted multiple shows, has gotten recognition from some of the bigger names in Toronto, and he has created an influential impact on the music scene in Toronto. With that being said, Killy is definitely someone I expect to hear more from this Summer especially if he plans on collaborating with some other Toronto artists.

Hailing from Edmonton, frvrfriday is truly so amazing and I really hope he makes it far in the music industry. His music is a sort of trap RnB type music which is evidently extremely popular right now making it the perfect sound for Summer 2018. If I absolutely had to compare him to some artists, I would probably say Roy Woods, dvsn, 6lack, and maybe Bryson Tiller but take that with a grain of salt because his sound is very unique. If you haven't heard of him yet, he's definitely an artist worth checking out.

After the release of "Canada Goose",Pressareally made his mark in the music industry; the song went viral and was blasted at clubs all over Ontario where fans would shout every lyric without fault. The young artist dropped an album following the commercial success of "Canada Goose", and it was generally well received. That being said, I'm hoping to hear some more viral bangers from Pressa this Summer especially to get those club nights going.

I've said this before and I'll say it again butViis definitely one of my favorite local artists. She has a mysterious energy surrounding her and not much is known asides from the fact that she produces some really good, quality music. It's known that she's worked closely with popular producer Cardeblanche, so I'm interested to see if she sticks to her grungy RnB sound this Summer or if she uses her voice to explore some different sounds. Regardless, I think the musical style she has now definitely works for her but I'd love to hear her on a more dance hall type beat, similar to the type of music Mabel produces.

For all my french rap fans, this one's for you. I've always had mixed emotions regarding French rap butEnimareally makes me want to listen to it. The Montreal artist reminds me Travis Scott and Bad Bunny mixed into one but French. Considering we're definitely in the era of trap music, it wouldn't surprise me if Enima truly made a name for himself outside of Montreal because his music is very catchy. I'll be expecting more music from him this Summer, particularly to get the mood going at the pre-drink for those club nights.
I've known about Juwnfor a while but he's always remained such a mysterious and low key guy. That said, his sound is amazing so it's unfortunate he hasn't released anything in a while but I'm hoping he takes advantage of this Summer to drop some new stuff. His sound is perfect for those late Summer drives or pretty much anytime you just want to kick back and relax. Even better, most of his songs tell a story so if you find yourself a summer fling this year, you can stem some inspiration from Juwn's music.
Another artist hailing from Montreal, Zeina's soothing voice paired with electro-pop beats makes for some pretty amazing music. Zeina reminds me of British RnB singer but without the dancehall type beats and she released a couple tracks in 2017 but hasn't dropped anything since which is unfortunate considering how dope her sound is. In fact, with just 8 tracks posted on YouTube, her video for "Fallin" already has over 20,000 views. Hopefully, she'll make a come back this Summer to drop some more female fire.
J. Chinnasz
It's been a while since we've heard fromJ. Chinnasz
but it's now known that the Ottawa artist will be dropping some new music in June. With an EP entitled lovamon on the way, I'm intrigued to see how he experiments with his sound this Summer. It'd be nice to hear the cryptic rapper switch it up and hit us with a lighter sound just to see what type of versatility he's playing around with. Nonetheless, considering the artist will have features from Juwn, Keynes Woods, Freddy Printz, and more, we can expect this EP to be a banger either way.
Jeff Sanon
After the release of Ms. Solana,Jeff Sanonhas officially made his way onto my list of my favorite Ottawa RnB artists. Although, he's mainly a rapper, his versatility and jack of all trades persona makes me want to hear more from him, in all genres. Knowing that Jeff produces all his own beats, it would be no surprise that he releases a couple songs or maybe even a project with some lighter, funner beats for this Summer 2018.
Last on our list is an Ottawa artist who has really been making waves online. With his track "Too Late" resonating with listeners everywhere,NTHNhas definitely kept himself busy working on his artistry. He recently dropped the video for "Too Late" which I'm hoping will foreshadow the fact that we can expect more from the young artist this Summer.