Christmas for me is very different than most other people because it is also the day I was born. Now, more...

Christmas for me is very different than most other people because it is also the day I was born. Now, more than likely you had one of two the most common reactions:  1 being "oh no that really sucks!" or 2, "wow that's kind of cool!" There's also occasionally a third reaction that can go something like, "my birthday is on *insert holiday* so I totally get what you mean! Doesn't it suck when 'this' or 'that' happens?"

For those of you who have had this conversation with someone in whichever situation, here are 16 good and bad things about having your birthday on or near a holiday!

1. A lot of holidays are statutory holidays so most stores are CLOSED, meaning you can't go anywhere or buy anything on your birthday.


2. If your parents don't like hosting the holiday then you have to travel elsewhere every year which can be very annoying, especially if its more than an hour drive (but this is ample time for a nap so it depends on how you look at it). Besides, it is your birthday, so ultimately you can do whatever you want.


3. You usually won't be able to to throw a birthday party on your actual day of birth (unless it's halloween). Example: No one will come to a birthday party on Christmas but this then allows you to make your birthday celebrations longer to compensate! HELLO BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, week, or month, depending on how EXTRA you are!


4. If you're REALLY extra, then you can even create a new name for your special day that includes that holiday and your birthday. I call mine "Mar-mas" instead of Christmas because I'm important in my life. #iknowimextra


5. When there's those people who wish you a happy birthday but they combine the holiday slogan with a happy birthday year after year after year after year. We get it, it was funny the FIRST time. 


6. It's possible that most people don't care that it's your birthday, and the only reason they are even saying it is because they have no choice but to see you since it's a family holiday.


7. When you're showing a form of ID where someone is checking your age, it can feel like EVERYONE comments on your birthday every time you do this... especially if your birthday is on a popular holiday like CHRISTMAS or HALLOWEEN.


8. You will always be well fed because the holidays usually mean some type of good food and food is life. 


9. You get to see your family which more than likely which guarantees a lot of in person 'happy birthdays.' This can be good or bad depending on your family. Embarrassing old photos for all to see?


10. You get really annoyed when everyone always asks you "oh it must suck that you have your birthday on *insert holiday*?" because you've probably answered this question over 300 times. Hence, ridiculously ANNOYING!


​11. If the holiday includes gift giving, then you may only get one present for both the holiday and your birthday. It's even more annoying when they wrap your present in the related holiday wrapping paper instead of birthday wrapping paper.  


12. MORE dessert options are generally available. CAKE IS NICE. But so is candy from Halloween and more chocolate because of Valentines Day.     


13. If you do receive two gifts, congrats to you! But one present is usually more expensive than the other and you only get presents once a year which blows, especially when you're a kid.    

14. The only reason you're getting a birthday present from your extended x1000 family member is because it's also Christmas... and then you run into either issues said in 11 and 12. The struggle is real.    


15. Whoever you are with that day is always  paying more attentions to the holiday than your birthday, when obviously your birthday is just as important. Ugly truth: they care more about the holiday, not your birthday.


16. You get really excited when you meet someone else who has a birthday near/on a holiday so you can bond over it because they actually know what you feel like.  

So if you know anyone who's birthday is on a holiday, send this their way! Let me know if I missed anything crucial!