As one gets into their upper years of their university career at Carleton, you can start to think you’re an...

As one gets into their upper years of their university career at Carleton, you can start to think you’re an expert in everything Carleton related. I mean sometimes we forget that we were once clueless about Carleton traditions, that we got lost every other day just walking around campus, and that there are these common unwritten rules you follow simply because you’re a Raven. These things just become a norm on campus! Here’s a list of some social constructs that are specific to Carleton, campus, and being a Raven. Let me know if I missed any!

1. If you don’t live in residence, then you don’t eat in the residence café.

2. If your program has a short form, you never say its full name. A good way to tell if someone is a first year is when they say their whole program… (we get you’re in business).

3. Nobody wears their lanyard around their neck... it also doesn’t have to hang out of the back pocket of your pants with every outfit.

4. Yes, Fall Orientation is the best time and most fun time of the school year. It's also a reminder that we can not drink for a week.

5. Don’t wear your high school sweater, in public, with people looking at it. That was a different lifetime ago.

6. It IS acceptable to wear pjs to class, especially in your early years of school.


7. Walking in the middle of the tunnels is a no no, so if you do it, you will be the most hated person ever.

8. It's also normal to bring a backpack for school work, a purse with your makeup, a gym bag to work out, and a reusable bag with your food... especially around exam season, it's acceptable to live on campus.


9. More often then not, students are generally helpful with directions, it's okay if it takes you a solid 2 years to figure out the entire campus... it can happen to the best of us (we have all been there at some point!).

10. No one will bat an eye if you are asleep in the most random places on campus.


11. Yes you won't be that well liked if you constantly start fights with everyone in the accepted facebook page.

12. There is nothing wrong with attending (almost) every single one of Oliver's Thirsty Thursdays.

13. However, public intoxication is only acceptable in Oasis at 2 am in first year, otherwise people may judge you.

14. It's important to note that the first week of classes is not syllabus week for all professors, some of them actually teach you something!

 15. You don’t need to make out with our s/o in class, it's a two hour class, calm down!

16. It's the first week of class and we are all at the same school, no need to wear your Carleton sweater all week. We know where you go!

17. Not a sports person? Well you become one for the Panda Game and Capital Hoops Rivalry games against UOttawa.

18. It is normal to debate between being on time for class and getting that coffee to get through the class. It's also a normal thing to choose waiting in line. 


19. You can run for the bus or the train without feeling ridiculous. Most of us have been you, no one will judge you for trying to catch it, we will all pray for you.

20. Taking a fifth year is okay. It's acceptable (especially if you're involved with CUSA), a lot of us (regular people) do it too.