Craft distilleries are upping their game lately in the tall can section. Gone are the days where non-beer tall cans...
Craft distilleries are upping their game lately in the tall can section. Gone are the days where non-beer tall cans taste like rubbing alcohol and sugar. Trying out different alcohols are one of adulthood's many money sinking pleasures. Let me know what tall cans you recommend for this summer! In the meantime, here are 3 semi-local distilleries that are making delicious alcoholic drinks.

675 Steeprock Drive Toronto,
ON M3J 2Z5
Root Beer and Cream Soda are probably my two favourite kinds of pop so you can imagine my excitement when I found 5% vodka infused versions at the LCBO. At first i was apprehensive because, spiked drinks there usually taste like chubby pop and rubbing alcohol, so I was a skeptic at first.This shit is the real deal! My favourite one is for sure their hard root beer, its not crazy sweet and the vodka goes down smooth with a hint and vanilla. I've tried all the varieties they sell in downtown Ottawa stores. If you like love classic pop flavours like these then this a summer tall can for you.
5075 Yonge Street, Suite 400 Toronto, ON, M2N 6C6
Gin smash definitely makes me harken back to my sorority days when I would get a triple gin and/or vodka tonic (yes and) and tonic at Laurier Social House (RIP!). Even though the alcohol percentage is kind of low at 4.5%, it makes up for that with a clean, fresh, citrus taste. These tall cans are also less fizzy than other alcoholic drinks which is great for people like me who are prone to a beer belly after a couple of drinks. *DRINK IT COLD.* This is suggested on the side of the can because it can taste funny at room temperature.
709 Queen Street East Toronto, ON M4M 1H1
Even though I don't particularly enjoy beers, I LOVE a good cider and over the years I've learned that not all ciders are made equal *cough* Somersby's *cough*. This shit right herrrrrreeee though, I stan. Not too sweet, not bitter and just so, so good and refreshing! It's a cider that actually taste like apples! They have a dry and semi dry options for regular ciders as well as two flavoured versions. The stadium island peach cider is the first can I stumbled upon and I've been a fan ever since. If you like ciders, I definitely recommend this one! It will be a regular go to for my wavy days this summer.