After living on my own for 3 years, I realize that moving away from home was probably one of the...

After living on my own for 3 years, I realize that moving away from home was probably one of the dumbest things I could have ever done, especially as a student. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living on my own as it has taught me so much about myself, responsibility and of course time management (still kinda working on this). It also gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and however I wanted. Not having to listen to The Smiths (my oh so lovely parents) nag at me for coming home at 3 am on a Saturday night was the real reason I left. 3 years later I lay in bed asking myself, as I have sleep for dinner, was it worth it? Nope, not at all and here’s why:


Let’s start with the fact that you have to uproot your entire room. This means clothes, posters, your bed and other unnecessary shit you keep in your room. You have to pack it up and then pack it all out again. Just the thought of loading the moving truck and then unloading it gives me nightmares. Climbing stairs is already a drag! Imagine climbing them with heavy boxes in your hands!


I’m not gonna pretend I like cleaning. I hate it, but a clean home is a happy home and I also hear my mother's voice in the back of my head when my room is a mess. Washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry and other tedious chores ends up falling solely on you. When you live at home you get to share the responsibly!

Here’s an idea of what it was like living back home: I’d get yelled at for not washing my dishes about 3 times a day but here’s the gag, my mom would wash my dishes as she yelled at me for not washing my dishes. Not sure if it’s a Jamaican thing, but hey, it worked for me! Can you believe I gave up never having to wash dishes to live on my own? I can't. 


As if I don’t already have a spending problem, paying bills every month makes my bank account cry... hysterically. What I really mean is I cry… hysterically looking at my bank account. It's expected after paying rent, internet, hydro, and buying 2 new pairs of shoes  ON TOP of the 150$ cellphone bill you have because once again, you went over your data. Thanks Snapchat. I’m pretty lucky considering my dad still pays my cellphone bill (DO NOT COME FOR ME) so it’s one less bill I personally don’t have to worry, but not everyone gets that luxury.

It’s just bills bills bills, in addition to paying tuition, buying books and going out for lunch every god damn day because apparently that's all everyone does in Ottawa.

I know a lot of us can identify with having money related issues, especially as students. I can attest to the fact that if I had stayed at home I’d never have to worry about rent and being poor and I would NEVER have to sacrifice the last pair of shoes that I never really needed in my size in to save money for rent.


I don’t care what anyone says, ordering pizza gets old. Take out is expensive and a real disappointment especially when the food is more trash than Kevin Hart cheating on his pregnant wife. I love doing groceries, but finding the time with my schedule is nearly impossible and when I do have the time I’d much rather stay in bed. The odd occasion I do try to make a meal I don't and add enough salt and no matter how many recipes I pin on Pinterest, nothing will never taste as home cooked food. If you can't relate because your  parents don't/can't cook, I'll keep you in my prayers. 

If I lived at home I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this because my mommy would hold it down and sleep for dinner wouldn't be a thing!

Honestly, don't move out before you need to, it'll save you from financial hardship, shitty roommates and having to kill spiders on your own.  If you're worried about lack of freedom within the household, you can't wait for it to be given to you, you have to take it for yourself. Your parents will learn to deal eventually.