Finals are amongst us and the pressure is on. With final papers and assignment, midterm take up’s, and exam reviews,...

Finals are amongst us and the pressure is on. With final papers and assignment, midterm take up’s, and exam reviews, it is safe to say most students are really feeling the weight of the semester creeping up. The worst thing about the fall semester is that finals season falls perfectly upon the Christmas season. While Christmas tunes are playing in the mall and peppermint flavoured everything is coming out, it is hard to be excited when you are in such a slump of work.

If you are like me and LOVE Christmas with a passion, here are some ways to stay festive during this holiday season while you get your grind on for finals.

1. Listen to Christmas music as you study.

Spotify is poppin' with its selection of Christmas playlists. They have festive music in any genre from pop to folk. They also have lots of soundtracks from your favourite Christmas movies. Give it a try, there is nothing more cheerful than Christmas music. It will put you in a good mood while you study and will motivate you to work hard to get home for Christmas.

2. Indulge in a peppermint mocha, or gingerbread latte, or whatever your go-to holiday drink is.


Starbucks is at is best during the holidays. These flavours only come once a year so take advantage and grab a warm drink to keep you cozy for those nights in the library. Starbucks also has a ton of rewards going on for the holidays and the holiday cups make for a good Instagram post!

3. Stock up on your study snacks.

Candy canes, eggnog, and sugar cookies are making their way into stores. It always good to treat yourself during a stressful time, indulge in holiday treats. Try picking your favourite flavour of candy canes or favourite chocolate up the next time you are grocery shopping to bring a little sense of excitement and some motivation back into your busy life.

4. Celebrate with your friends.

Whether you go Christmas shopping or just stay in and watch a movie, Christmas is a time to treasure your time with those you love. Doing something festive with your friends to take a break and save your sanity during finals is a great way to show you value them and their time. 

5. Watch your favourite Christmas movie.

The amount of times my best friend and I watch Home Alone 2 during finals season is ridiculous, but watching a movie you are already familiar with is excellent background noise for a night in, studying away. It is also a change from when you get sick of Christmas music.

Being away from home during the Christmas season sucks, especially when you have finals and papers to worry about. But stay calm and relax! The semester is almost done and you’ve worked so hard! Keep it up and you will be home sipping eggnog with your family in no time!

Merry Christmas everyone!