Now more often than not the first idea that pops into one's head about creating a new years resolution usually...

Now more often than not the first idea that pops into one's head about creating a new years resolution usually has to do with your body. Whether or not it is to work out more, to get fit or more toned, to lose that weight you gained over the holiday, or getting rid of that baby weight from 10 years ago, it always seems to revolve around trying to change your body or who you are to fit this ideal mold of what we are 'supposed' to look like. So part of getting into the body positive movement here is a list that I have come up with of new year resolutions that DO NOT revolve around weight or trying to fit into these stereotypical roles that society pushes upon us. If you have any more that I may have missed, then please give a shout! Also, let me know if any of these have helped you move toward more positive attitudes about your body!

 1. Start a journal

2. Get an investment/savings account

3. Get a new meaningful tattoo

4. Read a new book each month FOR FUN

5. Take a dance class

6. Go to a new coffee shop weekly

7. Make a plan to cook a new recipe each month

8. Talk to a stranger about polar bears

9. Drink more water

10. Masturbate more

11. Wear more hats

12. Start a photo diary 

13. Spend more time with family

14. Try a new workout regime

15. Listen to some new music

16. Go for monthly hikes or spend more time in nature

17. Floss your teeth once a day

18. Get to know a homeless person and help them out

19. Create an evening/morning routine

20. Drink more of your favourite tea

21. Go to a stand up comedy show

22. Wash and brush your hair regularly

23. Go to therapy if you are struggling with something

24. Make conversation with someone waiting in line with you are while shopping

25. Get some more sleep

26. Make more time for self care

27. Have lots of sex without feeling guilty about it

28. Wear more scarfs that make you feel pretty

29. Paint a masterpiece

30. Join a new volunteer group about something that you're passionate about

31. Create a healthier food regime

32. Cherish your friendships more/spend more quality time with your friends

33. Make a career change if you are not happy

34. Watch a funny movie once a week

35. Draw something everyday

36. Redecorate your room

37. Try a new place on campus to do some studying

38. Buy a plant

39. Learn how to take rejection peacefully

40. Do something that scares you

41. Take a photo of the same thing 4 different times a day to see the different lighting outside

42. Try some yoga

43. Try a new restaurant that you've never been to before

44. Try to make a new friend each month

45. Stop stalking people on social media and actually say hi to them

46. Create a new Instagram account for your eyes only

47. Tell your mom (or parents) you love her everyday

48. Reconnect with an old friend

49. Save some money once a month

50. Write a story