Basic Bit** season is upon us! Pumpkin spice lattes and blanket scarves are making their seasonal debut and this means...

Basic Bit** season is upon us! Pumpkin spice lattes and blanket scarves are making their seasonal debut and this means one thing. We are in the midst of Halloween approaching. With upcoming Halloween parties and events coming up within the month, it is an opportunity to be whoever the heck you want and wear whatever you want but the real question is, do you want to blend in with every other girl at the party, or do you want to be a face (and costume) that people will notice off the bat?!

1. Ditch the black leggings and animal ears!

I challenge you to count how many girls are dressed as cats (or a mouse, duh!) at the next costume party you attend. Black leggings, black shirt, cat ears, and makeup. It is the easiest costume, but chances are, everyone else is taking the easy way out.

2. Makeup

Look into your makeup bag create something spectacular. If you are good at makeup, incorporate it into your costume to make yourself stand out! Make yourself into a zombie with liquid latex and your theatrical skills, or even recreate a character or celebrity with an iconic make-up look.


3. Look into pop culture

Look at what is popular and what shows, movies, or celebrities will be inspiration for Halloween this year. Last year, the admists of Harley Quinn's arose on Halloween, but Suicide Squad had plenty of other iconic characters! Explore and find characters that you can create an outrageous costume with, within blending into the mainstream.


4. Bring forth some throwbacks

There’s nothing better than looking back to your childhood and remember the characters you looked up to on Saturday mornings. Recreate your favourite Halloween movie from childhood. Halloweentown anymore?

5. Go spooky!

How many times do you go to a Halloween party and people are actually dressed scary? Channel your inner Kady Heron and go as a zombie bride or something new to make people look twice.

Don’t worry about being out of place! It’s Halloween so don’t freak out about standing out, that’s the point!

6. DIY

When in doubt, go with what you have in your closet or can buy cheap at any thrift store! Make any props you may need and get creative! Piece together different pieces and accessories to create a unique costume.


No matter what you choose to wear this Halloween, you rock it! Be and wear what makes you comfortable, confident, and happy! Happy Halloween Bit**es