Once, when I was younger, someone asked me what the capital of Canada was and I said Toronto. I don't...

Once, when I was younger, someone asked me what the capital of Canada was and I said Toronto. I don't want to make excuses for my naivety, but geography wasn't my strong suit and that's where I grew up! Between the crazy amount of diversity, the larger than large buildings and T-Pain mentioning it in Can’t Believe It, could you blame me? That being said, the capital of Canada is most definitely underrated.

I moved to Ottawa two years ago to pursue my post-secondary studies and so far, I must say it's been an experience. I've ran into Justin Bieber walking through Byward Market, developed a love for Shawarma and I've been to Montreal more times in a year than I've ever been pre-Ottawa. A lot of people living outside this city assume that its boring and there’s nothing to do here and to be perfectly honest, I would have agreed with them 2 years ago. I get it, when comparing both Ottawa and Toronto, this city looks like a place you go to raise a family, not to have fun. If you don't get it already, the dynamics in both cities are completely different, leaving them incomparable to say the least. Toronto is more like Miami (with snow) and Ottawa is like Washington (minus Trump). They're both great cities, just fun for different things. 

Although Ottawa hasn't been mentioned in a song on Billboards Hot 100, this growing city is full of genuine individuals, mind-blowing creativity and great Shawarma. The buildings may not be as grand and the slang may not be as cool, but Ottawa is a gem. I promise after finding the right people to explore it with, you'll see what I'm talking about. 

If you are one of those individuals who claim that Ottawa "sucks", it really doesn't. Get the tourist experience; check out Parliament, go paddling at Dow's Lake, then hit up one of the clubs in the Market.  If you're a local, try something different. Check out TD Place for girls or boys night, instead of Downtown. Visit St. Laurent Mall instead of Rideau centre, it has Cinnabon and less people. Try Laurier Social House instead of Warehouse, drinks are cheaper or visit Ppl. on a Thursday instead of a Saturday, its not as sweaty and they have 3$ shots! 

I mean, if none of this appeals to you, Montreal is a 2 hour drive away and rideshares can go as low as $10 for a ride there. 

Peace Love & Prosperity