As we all know, YouTube has been a platform that has grown so much over the year. People, especially in our generation,...

As we all know, YouTube has been a platform that has grown so much over the year. People, especially in our generation, have been using this platform to share their creativity with makeup, fashion, comedy and much more in the video form. I myself have been a religious viewer of YouTube for a very long time and I am happy to see that we have a lot more people in our city creating content on this platform.

I know that many people in the city might not even know about these people because YouTube has now been saturated with so many content creators however, with that being said, I want to introduce you to a set of people that I watch and love. Hopefully you're also able to discover some new favorite content creators all while supporting your locals.

Joey Kidney

Joey Kidney has been on YouTube for a very long time, his channel focuses on bringing awareness to mental illness and he gives relationship advice to his audience. His channel is filled with aesthetically pleasing videos, that are well thought of and edited beautifully. He has grown over the years and now has an amazing family that are his subscribes, the Kidney beans.


These girls have a collaborative channel, mainly focused on fashion. Meidy, Lygie and Stacey showcase their unique style through lookbooks and each one of them hasa different way of interpreting their personalities with the help of fashion. They also compliment each other very well in front of the camera as a group of creatives.


Kerbens isn't unfamiliar to creating content and to the people in Ottawa. He has been very lively on my Instagram timeline and has been know in Ottawa for his photography that he shares on his platform. Now that he is on Youtube, it's great to see the guy behind the camera in full action on our screens. With vlogs, challenges and skits, he shows his personality and we get to know the REAL person behind Therealkerbens.


SoubDaKid is newer to the YouTube scene, but he has made quite a statement with his videos so far. He entertains his subscribers with his vlogs and his pranks. His channel is looking very promising.


I discovered Nagad's channel very recently and she just inspired me; her vibes and her spirit are so pure and real. She uses her platform to grow and to encourage others do so as well by helping us attain our best selves. There's something to learn from her and as a person who loves to create just like her, watching her videos makes me want to push my boundaries with my own content.

Kicking it with Pip

His channel is all about having fun and putting a smile on his subscribers" face. I started watching him ever since his first video and I have been loving the content ever since. He makes interactive videos challenges strangers and even pranks people. He also gives his viewers a glimpse of his modelling life.


CozyKhad is newer to the YouTube scene as well; she makes vlogs, fashion videos as well as a few makeup videos. Apart from giving us looks, she is open about her insecurities, and the issues she faces in her community. Additionally, she's real with her viewers and isn't afraid to be herself in front of the camera.