People often ask me why I love the 90s so much; was it the clothes, was it the movies, was...
People often ask me why I love the 90s so much; was it the clothes, was it the movies, was it the music? Yes. It was all of that actually. There is something magical about the 90s era and not just because it’s the decade that produced me but because a shift happened during that time, genres came to their full potential in that time. Specifically R&B and Hip-Hop, which are two of the main reasons I revere the 90s so much. It felt like everything was at its peak, and that's an amazing feeling. Check out my list below.
1. The Music

THE MUSIC, THE music, the music! The music from the 90s is my absolute favourite decade of music. From R&B to Hip-Hop to even Rock! Of course, it was the music I heard growing up so it holds a lot of nostalgic value (that and the early 2000s era) but many who did not grow up in that era agree that most genres were in a golden era in the 1990s. My favourite is 90s R&B, God, if I could turn back the hands of time and cover myself up in 90s R&B, I WOULD!
2. The Movement/Unity

The 90s had this sense of unity and fighting for the cause. Keeping up the teachings of men like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, women like Angela Davis, Rosa Parks, etc. There was a big feeling of "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", I miss that. There were huge Afrocentric vibes, power to the people vibes and pride in being black vibes. Again, this is a point that has made a huge return in recent times, however, I do miss the way it was executed in the 90s.
3. The Parties

OMG! Obviously I was not old enough in the 90s to be at any parties (with the exception of family functions) but 90s parties and get-togethers seemed so fun! I mean when I see the game nights and parties in Love Jones or the club scenes in New Jack City or the parties in House Party, how can I not feel bad that I was left out of such an fun-loving time. Stories from my older family members about spring breaks and classic videos of this type of fun will live on forever. People were not afraid to dance or be themselves and that's dope.
4. The Fashion

Suspenders and classic sneakers! Colorful shirts and high top haircuts! The fashion in the 90s was expressive and diverse, it was beautiful and nonsensical. The women in the 90s dressed in such a classy and stylish manner, the guys were so fresh and unafraid to experiment. This point is also one that seems to be making a comeback.
5. 90s Gang Related Movies

Now the 90s had some great Black cinema, like Love Jones, The Best Man, Crooklyn, etc., but the best and most influential 90s films were the gang/drug related ones. I'm talking New Jack City, Menace II Society, Boyz N The Hood, Set it Off, Juice and more! These movies were not only great but they taught valuable, unapologetic, lessons on life and the current state of urban black society. I wish movies like this and that gave that type of feeling, would make a comeback!

I'm a Nintendo girl through and through and the Nintendo 64 coming out in 96' was a magnificent thing! In my humble opinion, no other gaming console held as many great games and as many nostalgic quirks (blowing into the game) as the Nintendo 64. Sitting down on the couch with your controller, Mario Party, and your siblings/cousins, it truly doesn't get any better.

From Martin, to The Fresh Prince, to Moesha, 90s black sitcoms were at the pinnacle of the television of their time. These shows had messages and themes that you just do not get in the television of today, however, we do seem to be returning to a great TV period. Shows like Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, etc, are also worth noting also, although not black television, they were great television. TV that did not hold back.

Nicky Jean

is an Ottawa-based poet, singer and rapper. She is also a radio host at CHUO 89.1FM and the co-host of the Breakdown 2 Lowdown podcast.