With kids going back to school, this means that people are finding other like-minded individuals to spend their time with....

With kids going back to school, this means that people are finding other like-minded individuals to spend their time with. As a result, the subgroups of campus culture are steadily emerging, arranging folks into their specific brands. Because I love Harry Styles and he has fallen under every subgroup, I have illustrated a list of the basic traits you can find in every type of person seen on any Ottawa campus. Which one are you?

1. The Sorority Girl

This gal is everyone’s friend and her hair always looks good. She’s bubbly, somehow always has everything you could ever need in her bag, and knows almost everybody by name. She’s the girl who wears those blanket scarves, can afford Starbucks everyday, and looks good in athleisure. When it's a holiday, you can probably catch her going to the bar wearing some tacky accessory for the appropriate occasion.  

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2. The Frat Boy

Often found mingling with the sorority girls, this guy is in love with sports, his bros, and probably booze. He travels in packs of other bros, making their way through the tunnels in hoards of loud talking and laughter. Despite looking confused in every single lecture, he somehow manages to come out at the top of the class. If you can score a one-on-one conversation with him, he’s actually really cool.

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3. The Alt Activist

Combining art and activism, these folks seem to know everything about everything before anyone else, wear your grandma’s hippest clothes, and have bags with buttons galore. They listen to mellow beats and synth, with some pop music in there for rounded flavour, and brag about how they do their assignments on their vintage typewriter. They pop into lectures looking bored and disinterested, but when they’re protesting, they’ve got a wicked fire in them. They seem hard on the outside but really they’re the softest.

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4. The Intellectual Whiz

These kids can be really nice, but some of their browsing history reveals some dark web secrets. They like to debate for the sake of debating and are probably really into tabletop games. They’re really good listeners when you need someone to talk to, and are actually a lot of fun when you go out.

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5. The Overachievers

You’ve never seen this person take a break. Like, ever. Somehow they’re the nicest people ever despite maintaining that 12 point average, working a full time job (probably in the government), and being the leader of a million different clubs. They’re always trying to get other people involved, but are never defeated when people struggle to keep up.

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6. The Second Choicers

These are the kids who chose you university because it was either this or feeling the wrath of their parents’ disappointment at not going to post secondary school. They didn’t get into their school of choice, and they’ll let you know how much this one blows. They’ve somehow got a plan to finish school earlier than everyone else and launch into a really great career. Cheers to them.

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7. The Party Animal

These people always seem to know where the parties and events are happening. They also always know a guy or know someone who knows a guy, and you can always count on them to hook you up with something. You only see them in classes a couple times a year, but somehow they manage to make it to the next year.

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