The Panda Game is an excellent opportunity for Raven's and GeeGee's to come together and express their hatred for one...

The Panda Game is an excellent opportunity for Raven's and GeeGee's to come together and express their hatred for one another. From chants and name calls, to cheers and school spirit, it is an event every Carleton and uOttawa student should attend at least once in their university career.  While some people get way too excited, others drink the day away. No matter how you celebrate and demonstrate your school spirit, here's a list of people who celebrate in different (and similar) ways.

1. Freshmen who are way too excited.

 Taking the 7 St Laurent bus from Carleton, there will be a group of freshman shouting "F*** You, OttawaU!" the entire way there. Their excitement is high as they attend their first Panda game, wearing their overpriced spirit gear from the bookstore, and get a little overboard with the rivalry. 

2. Drunk people

 It happens. Pre parties and beer pong at 8am every year. There will be people who don't even know where they are and have no clue what is happening. Just remember to stay safe and drink responsibly! No one needs alcohol poisoning on this day!

3. Sorority Girls and Frat Boys

 They get their own reserved seating. Don't even try sitting their if you aren't in Greek life because you will be shunned. But half the time, they are also drunk as HECK so consider them in the above category. 

4. People with too much school spirit

 There will be someone, decked out in school colours, head to toe, face paint and all. They cheer the loudest and are the first on the field with their team wins. They most likely go to Carleton, you know, because Carleton has won the last few years.

5. People with no school spirit

There will be people, dragged their by their friends, that could not care less about football or their school in general. They probably look miserable and have no school spirit. But hey! At least they came out!

6. The uOttawa students that leave halfway through

 These poor losers always leave once Carleton starts to get their score up. They don't want to be around to see Carleton students run out on the field and celebrate their glory. 

7. The drunk girl with the bang-bangs

 The free bang-bangs make for a cute picture and are a great way to cheer for your team. But there is one girl who is just so happy to have them and gets a little over emotional when their cheap material fails and a hole appears. 

8. Someone who doesn't even go there.

 Do they even go here? There's going to be people from schools not even in Ottawa, visiting more for the parties and less for the game. But we welcome them with open arms into our rivalry and celebrate with them (even though they just wear their friends uOttawa or Carleton gear).