OC Transpo delivers mixed feelings towards your commute. It is either super easy to get where you are going or...

OC Transpo delivers mixed feelings towards your commute. It is either super easy to get where you are going or it adds another stress to your busy life. Chances are if you are a regular user of Ottawa's public transit system, you are quite familiar with these types of riders. If not, enjoy!

1. The one who needs to have their phone on speaker.

There is ALWAYS someone talking loudly on their phone and if you are super unlucky, they are sitting right beside you and are probably on speaker phone. I cannot think of something more annoying than someone blabbing away in public on their phone and everyone can hear. 

​2. The person who is in a rush and not too happy

I guarantee that there is someone who is running late for work or class and they are just mad at the world. They loudly sigh at every stop  and they're the first to aggressively pull the string and jump up to the door.

3. The mysteriously, cute guy

There will be one and you will be so lucky if you just so happen to be sitting beside the only empty seat when he gets on. Dream on and enjoy this opportunity to make your bus ride a little more enjoyable!

4. The person on the wrong bus

It happens. When you're new to the buses, you might take the 111 Baseline instead of Billings Bridge. This usually brings panic, stress, then just giving up. This person will probably run up to the driver and get off immediately. Make sure you know which direction you need to be going in before stepping on that bus!

5. University Students


There will always be students on the bus, going to class or home, work, a party...anywhere. They rely so much on the bus because on campus parking is expensive and most of them live away from home so a car is just not in their price range. They swarm the Carleton buses, especially durning the 5:30 rush.

6. Parents and their young kids


I usually feel bad for parents travelling on the bus with their kids. People are rude when they need to give up priority seating for a stroller and dirty looks are always exchanged when a child is upset. Moms and Dads are doing their best! Judging them for taking care of their little ones is plain stupid. Babies are probably out of sorts anyways on a bus so a scary person staring at them won't make them feel any better.

7. The Professional


If you take a bus downtown, there are probably government employees commuting on their lunch break or just going home. They probably have a nice suit on and using their newest edition of the iPhone to make some important call. They are intimating but chances are, they do not even care to notice you.  

8. Someone drunk


Friday and Saturday nights consist of party people using the bus as a safe way to or from anywhere they could possibly be going. There are usually some funny situations that come up, like a bus sing-a-long as 1am, or some gross ones, like someone puking all over the place. Whatever happens, stay safe and have fun!