You're probably reading the title of this article and thinking to yourself "what the Hell did this girl do, now?"...
You're probably reading the title of this article and thinking to yourself "what the Hell did this girl do, now?" and, in my defense, I'm as innocent as ever. Okay, maybe a little bit guilty but nothing to justify getting publicly dragged by someone with over a million YouTube subscribers. That said, I'm pretty proud of my trolling levels right now.
This all started a couple days ago when I told my friend that she should push harder on social media to get votes for a henna mask that she wants to develop. The principle of this henna mask competition is that once she reaches a certain amounts of votes, the company she is partnering with will sell the mask on their website as well as in Sephora. This is a great opportunity so I helped her come up with a little "Twitter, do your thing" blurb to post on her account in the hopes that the post would go viral.

I've seen people tag celebrities and YouTubers before so I decided to help her out even more by tagging YouTubers such as Carli Bybel, Jeffree Star, James Charles, and more. Considering the fact that my friend is African and she's mainly reaching out to a Black audience, I realized it would probably be more effective if I tagged Black YouTubers on the thread, therefore, I tagged Jackie Aina as well.
Unfortunately, I don't watch many beauty gurus so I tagged whoever came to mind first and then Googled the rest. In fact to be precise, "black beauty YouTubers" was what I searched for. Now, a day after this post is made and I've tagged who I tagged, I was scrolling down my Twitter to see all the Kim Kardashian West stan accounts getting into Twitter beef with none other than Jackie Aina. Immediately, I knew it was because Jackie has some weird obsession with the fact that KKW didn't tag her in an image that was a part of a slideshow on Instagram even though KKW admitted it was a mistake. As a result, Jackie uses any opportunity she has to taint KKW's name and as a stan, it gets quite irritable. Just let it go, hon. Initially, I just laughed because the KKW stans were really clapping back and you could tell just how irritated Jackie was; in fact, she even resorted to slut shaming KKW by bringing up the sex tape. Original, huh? However, after having caught up with the thread, I tagged my friend on one of Jackie's tweet to show off how unintelligent her tweets were as well as posted a tweet throwing slight shade and I went on with my day.

Sadly, I found her tweet to be a wasted opportunity on a real drag. Maybe Jackie's just too nice, who knows? From my perspective, my issue lies with the fact that she really took her time to scope through my tweets in order to find me saying some sh*t so she could respond to the henna mask thread with that mess. Now, normally, I would just laugh it off because it's not like Jackie is a real celebrity, she's just a YouTuber with a verified check. However, what irked me was that she clearly reads all her mentions and who is talking about her yet she couldn't even take the time to simply retweet the henna mask thread and move along? Miss. Aina really chose to sit there clapping back at haters and KKW stans but wouldn't take the time to support a Black business? I guess that shows where her heads really at, doesn't it?


Now, evidently I'm not saying she owes us her retweet or her attention but I think her priorities are misguided. Jackie has mainly grown a fan base centered around her pro-blackness and the fact that she's one of the only YouTubers providing um, "quality" makeup applications and reviews for Black women. To be quite frank, I would be bold enough to state that her success in the YouTube community as a beauty guru depends solely on the fact that she's a Black woman because she has nothing else to offer; no comedy or wit. I say this because there aren't enough Black beauty gurus in the industry since they aren't "marketable" enough but of course, that's a whole different issue. Since this is the case, I believe it would only be fair for her to give back to the Black community by doing simple things such as, you know, retweeting a Black business trying to make it in the beauty community instead of making a mockery of their attempts to garner attention. I mean, I can admit that I am partly at fault for posting a shady tweet about her but what does that have to do with my friend's business?

 With that being said, I'm not angry at Jackie nor do I hate her; I simply find her tiresome and obnoxious so I am unable to sit through an entire video of hers. Credit is due where credit is due though so I can't knock her hustle. I just think it'd be smart of her to focus on her fans and giving back to that community as opposed to clapping back at haters but perhaps, that's simply my opinion.