The Christmas season is recognized by many as a joyous occasion, filled with love, light, and family; for retail employees...

The Christmas season is recognized by many as a joyous occasion, filled with love, light, and family; for retail employees however, this is not their reality. Instead, the holidays signify a time where one’s patience is tested on a multitude of levels, from aggravated customers to extended hours, and much more. In light of the upcoming holiday season, here are some things to be mindful of, whether you’re a customer or an employee in retail:


1. Plan ahead! 

Anticipate longer wait times, larger messes in the store, and traffic and parking delays. Other people are in the same boat as you, and are just as eager to start shopping. 

2. Pay attention to expiration dates and the limitations of coupons and promotions. 

Before traveling to a store for the purpose of redeeming a coupon or taking advantage of a promotion, please make sure that the offer is still VALID. Also, promotions change daily - please don't try and argue with an employee over whether you should receive a better discount that is no longer available. 

3. Reciprocate kindness.  

Most employees will do their best to make you feel welcomed and appreciated upon entering their store. Their job is to accommodate everyone, so don't take it personally if it takes a bit longer than usual to be served. Please be kind to those who are kind to you. 


4. Be mindful of how things are arranged. 

If you have to move an entire stack of clothes to find your size, please at least attempt put the clothes back the way you found them. The bigger mess you make, the bigger mess we have to clean up.


 1. Be patient, because you will be tested.

Customers are sometimes a handful, but even more so during the holidays. Remember to time manage when helping, and don't be afraid to pass along a customer to a coworker if your hands are too full. 

2. Be specific when asking customers questions. 

Instead of asking, "Is there anything I can help you with?", try "What specifically are you looking for?" If you're too vague, you could end up sticking with the same customer for an hour looking for the perfect pair of pajamas. 

3. Comfortable shoes are key. 

Chances are you'll be on your feet for most of your shift, so do yourself a favour and wear something comfy. On top of needy customers, the last thing you want to worry about is pain in the balls of your feet.