Last Summer I felt STUCK. I mean, I was kind of miserable. I had so many good things happening in...
Last Summer I felt STUCK. I mean, I was kind of miserable. I had so many good things happening in my life but couldn’t truly enjoy them because I couldn’t get past certain things that had put me down. What I didn’t realize was that this was all because of Saturn - the cosmic teacher.
Saturn is a HUGE deal when it comes to your mindset about growth and your personal power. Around the ages of 21 and 29 we all experience a kind of check point with Saturn where we experience a bunch of changes and trials in our life that are meant to put us on our true path, or could derail us from our goals if we don’t pay proper attention.
I followed a few spiritual / astrology personalities on my personal Instagram and an advertisement for a Saturn Return workshop kept popping up and now I know that it was a sign from the universe that I couldn’t ignore. Sandy, an Astrologer and Dana, a Life Coach put together a free webinar and then a course on how to navigate your Saturn.
I was super intimidated, I mean, who actually participates in online webinars and courses that have nothing to do with school? After I took part in their online webinar I was hooked, not only because these ladies were adorable and down to earth but I sign up for free webinars all the time now because its FREE knowledge that I can use in any way I want to.

The Saturn Return workshop I signed up for was geared towards anyone who wanted to know more about themselves, astrology and how to get more clarity on what they were going through.

Sandy and Dana provide the knowledge and tools to understand your own birth chart and how Saturn affects you, use that knowledge in a way to overcome self-destructive patterns and upgrade in a way that I didn’t think possible.
My favorite part about working with these ladies was that I could actually speak to them live if I wanted or leave questions for them in their inbox which were actually responded to. Although I did have the option of being a silent student it was amazing to get some astro and life coaching first hand.
These wonderful humans are hosting the FREE webinarthat started my life changing journey again 3 times in April. (psst. They also send out a free recording). If you are Astro curious or just feeling kinda stuck, I highly recommend attending and getting to know more about this cosmic rite of passage.