This is a poem I wrote this past month. I wanted to try my hand at actually writing something with...
This is a poem I wrote this past month. I wanted to try my hand at actually writing something with a goal of having everything rhyme and I think I accomplished that goal very well in this piece. I hope readers can find a connection to the demon inside your head or in your life with this poem. To elaborate, this poem can relate to any type of negative relation you have had or are experiencing now. Please know that you are not alone and there are always people willing to help. I hope this serves you as a reminder that you are not alone in this world.
The Middleman, "A Conscious Concern"
This responding unconscious concern we have together is necessary.
Our close connection makes me feel like we are legendary,
Even if the pain we have smells like a sweet cherry.
The distance, the diamond, the kiss, it was never ordinary.
Yet somehow, I still need the dream distance,
Between these forced thoughts asking for assistance.
But with this rosy filled dust and static, allows for our coexistence,
That leaves us so dangerous, so full of persistence.
Why are you like this for my mind?
You make me so sensationally boxed and confined.
I hate it because it makes you so inclined,
To manipulate my actions like you're my clever mastermind.
I wish we could start off where we last began,
Where we saw no end in sight,
Except me just being the middleman.
I really did do everything to end this fight.
This all aligns with the last time I felt addicted.
I was caught up in all the mess so much that I was even evicted.
The power you had over me I felt so restricted.
Opening up my shadows like this was nothing I have ever predicted.
The reflections I see are strangers for my attention.
Your glass is breaking every time you mention,
The past of our needle spinning blade-like tension.
I know I should have left when I felt my first apprehension.
But this relation was always symbolic to me.
Because this unconscious concern was necessary for me to just be.