I wrote this poem as part of my process of getting through a breakup and learning to let go. It helped...

I wrote this poem as part of my process of getting through a breakup and learning to let go. It helped me a lot to get everything off of my chest and it's help to put the situation into perspective. I hope this helps you in some way. You're not the only one who thinks of the 'What Ifs'

What if, We are both right? 

What if, You are 'the one' but the timing is off?

What if, We aren't in the right mental state? 

What if I never love anyone else like I love you?

What if I never connect with anyone like I connect with you?

I could never fall in love with a different best friend, what if?

We could never have kids, what if?

You’re the best thing that's happened to me, what if?

Your’e the worst thing that's happened to me, WHAT IF?

What if you realize I’m 'the one' but it's too late?

What if I’m the best thing for you?

But you can’t see that until I’m married to someone else 

What if we're soulmates but neither of us realize it?

What if time is not on our side and one of us dies early on?

What if our mental illnesses get the best of us?

What if they take over our lives so we can never be together?

What if we are never able to heal from our past traumas?

What if these open wounds prevent us from happening?

I'll never get to call you my boyfriend, what if?

I'll never get to call you my husband, what if?

What if,

I can’t grow old with you

What if,

I can’t wake up with you 

What if, 

I can’t cuddle you when I’m sad 

What if... I give you a second chance?

What if... you hurt me again?

What if... you never like me again?

What if... you can’t love me?

What if... I can’t love you again because I know it’ll hurt too much 

What if... I never get over the hurt 

It never goes back to how it was before, WHAT IF?

I never fall in love with anyone else, What if?

I’m the one, you never realize it, WHAT IF?

What if, You’re too scared to take the chance...

What if, You have me but hurt me again...

What if, You love me like I love you...

My heart could never be repaired, what if?

I’m blinded by you, what if?

I’m so blinded I don’t see other opportunities, what if?

I’m so blinded I can’t see how you’re not right for me, what if?

What if we aren’t the best thing for each other...


What if the best thing that has happened to one another is each other? 

Right in front of our eyes

What if we just can't see it?