This is a poem I wrote and performed at Carleton's Rely For Life Fundraiser this past year for the Lumiere's...
This is a poem I wrote and performed at Carleton's Rely For Life Fundraiser this past year for the Lumiere's Ceremony. Congrats to everyone involved because they were able to raise $142,000 for cancer research, one of the highest funds raised in the country. I was honoured to be a part of the ceremony because it is the time of the night where we remember all of the loved ones who we have lost from their battle with cancer. I dedicate this poem to my high school art teach Cathy Biro. This poem is for anyone who has lost someone special to cancer.
When The Seasons Change
The loss of the autumns leaves
Leave us in awe.
All the magical colours,
The way they drift down from the tree branches all the way to the ground
Sometimes the wind takes them on more than a vertical journey.
One by one, always taking a different path-
We know when they are going to leave
We always know when they are going to fall,
But does that make it easier to say goodbye every year,
When the seasons change?
We all know that we don’t live forever.
We all know the leaves with fall-
But that doesn’t make the loss any less painful.
We can still react to the dying leaves,
We are allowed to have emotion,
This weather change can be so drastic,
It can cause
Depression, irritation, and mood swings
Even though we know it will happen every year
We know when those leaves will fall
It's the same every year.
We know that we all have an end game, but that end is expected to be later.
And not necessarily because of a disease but rather old age.
That’s why we must cherish the time we do have.
Because these colourful lives making our experience that much brighter
Are what create our lasting memories.
The pain that the falling leaves can cause,
Imagine that 10 million times worse
The pain of losing someone we care about, someone who we love....
and that’s still not even close enough to describe the sorrow
With that being said,
Loosing someone is hard to understand
But is to know when they’re going to be gone easier to comprehend
Than the surprise of the unknown?
Than the questioning of the mystery?
Is knowing that this moment will be the last time you’ll see them,
Does this fact make it easier?
To deal with the loss, to deal with the pain,
Does having a timeframe make us go less in insane?
Than the ambiguity that life holds for us?
If we did not know when the leaves would fall, would we be less in awe?
When we suffer, when those we love suffer,
Memories are a tricky thing-
Because our mind loves to play these games,
Especially with the most important sayings,
But the anguish tries to blind us from seeing those memories
The regret, the remorse covers our eyes so there’s no light in sight
We try to remember everything we’ve ever said
But the game our mind plays only allows us to see the bad
That’s the tough thing about memories and life
Sometime our head is mean and tricks us.
Sometimes the desolation is too much for our hearts to handle-
And our mind, the sorrow tricks us all,
Into thinking the happy memories are too far in the past.
But we can change that reality, we have the power to
I mean that’s why we are here
Together to remember
But in various ways we do the reminiscing
Together to respect all of the joyful memories we possess
Of our departed friends and families.
To bring together the friends and family still left
On this physical earth-
We need to remind ourselves that we are stronger
Than those tricks our mind tries to play
We all suffer in different ways,
We all cope in many ways in order to try and stay sane.
We all lose in different ways,
We have all lost in many ways,
Our grievances don’t just go away
Being here isn’t the solution but part of the solution
It is the factor
It is an ingredient in the recipe
It’s the spring in the season cycle, a chance for regrowth
A chance to make a difference
Together we are making that difference
Even the fallen leaves never really leave this earth
They get turned into other parts of our land
Our memories of our loved ones can stay just like the leaves
We all have the power to keep their memories alive
By doing things like this
Their love stays even though the seasons change
That’s the difference between life and nature
Nature never dies
Physical bodies do
Souls and spirits always remain, with us, in some form
They remain in our dreams
Our sweet filled subconscious
Memories never dies
Our hope,
Our strength,
Will never fade.
Love never just goes away.
Love doesn't just disappear.
The bond we share with them with always be near
The connection we had will always be there
No matter where we go or what we do
No matter when the seasons change
They will always be with us through and through