Since October 15th, hundreds of thousands of students have been out of college across Ontario due to over 10,000 instructors...

Since October 15th, hundreds of thousands of students have been out of college across Ontario due to over 10,000 instructors and professors going on strike. For the students, it was all fun for the first couple of days, but after a month it really became an issue. It’s understandable that these teachers and instructors want improved contracts and they deserve them. After all, they are the educators of the future, without them who else is going to educate young minds and offer them the support and resources they need to help improve Canadian society. I’m sure YouTube and Google have the answers, but they aren’t going to give you a degree that’s approved by employers.

Despite the unfortunate reality for a lot of these instructors who put in a lot more work than their pay provides, the reality for students attending colleges based in Ontario is that they paid thousands of dollars for an education they aren’t receiving.

On November 15th, it was announced that law firm Charney Lawyers, based in Toronto, have filed a class action lawsuit against Ontario’s colleges on behalf of college students across Ontario. Ontario colleges’ breach of contract with students consists of their failure to provide college students with the education they paid for and not offering them refunds for the education they aren’t receiving. I’m saying shout out to them for being a voice for students across the province and advocating for their basic rights that weren’t taken seriously enough before this class action law suit was launched.

As a student at the University of Ottawa, who’s part-time professors almost went on strike a few weeks ago, I was honestly hoping they went on strike. No lie, a couple days off while negotiations between the staff and the university deliberated sounded amazing. It would have given me a couple of days to finish assignments that I procrastinated on and more time to study for midterms. Thankfully that didn’t happen because although I still have a few years to go, students who may have been in their final semester would have to wait a little longer to graduate, Christmas break would have been shorter and again, having paid for an education and assistance from my educators and not receiving it is a piss-off.

Kudos to Charney Lawyers for launching this class action law suit against Ontario Colleges and being the voice for all college student across the province. It is unfair and unethical to have students pay for something that isn’t in their control and its only right that these colleges are slapped with the same inconvenience they provided these students with.

So to the college student’s reading this keep your head up, you’ll be back to cramming, all-nighters and procrastinating hopefully very soon.