This past weekend, my mom woke me up from a deep sleep to take me out to brunch. I was slightly...

This past weekend, my mom woke me up from a deep sleep to take me out to brunch. I was slightly confused but obviously agreed to free food and when she mentioned going to a new spot called Allo Mon Coco, I shut her down real quick. I had no clue what it was so I offered going to Perkins instead but she hit me with a "nope" and so we went to her restaurant of choice. I'm glad we did.


For those who are just as unaware of new restaurant or shop openings as I am, Allo Mon Coco recently opened at Billings Bridge Mall on October 3rd. Although I'm always in the area since I go to Carleton, I hadn't really heard anything about it but when we first walked in, it looked extremely nice. If you're familiar with the mall then you know it's not as fancy or nice as Rideau or Bayshore so this restaurant stuck out like a sore thumb. We were greeted rather quickly and then seated right away which was surprising to me because we went at prime brunch time hours on a Sunday. Regardless, in no time, another server was at our table to give us the menu and offer us some refreshments. If you can't tell what I'm getting at - the service was amazing!


After a couple minutes of going over the menu, my mom and I both finally decided what we wanted and we called over the waiter to order. However, I'm a super picky eater so as per usual, I had some modifications for my order. Initially, I had chosen the Bon Matin meal that came with 2 slices of French toast, 2 buttermilk pancakes, fresh fruit and English cream but I'm not the biggest fan of pancakes made in restaurants (weird, I know). I asked the waiter if I could switch out the pancakes for crepes instead and I asked if I could get a side of hazelnut to which he easily obliged. My mom on the other hand kept it simple and got 2 eggs, with bacon, potatoes, and some fruit but I forget the name of her meal. 


We honestly didn't wait that long to receive our food which was great because we got the chance to catch up and just have a conversation. While waiting for our food, I would look over at other tables to see their orders and I remember being thoroughly impressed by the size of the fruit cups. When I first read fruit cup on the menu, I was expecting some hinky dinky little cup with a few berries in it, but as you can tell by the pictures, these "cups" were massive! Eventually, we got our food and I was  beyond impressed.   Everything on my plate was laid out in such an aesthetically pleasing way and it smelled so good. 


With that being said, the food surpassed all my expectations! As I previously mentioned, I'm hella picky about what I'll eat and what I like but everything I tried here was good. The french toast was perfect and flavorful, the crepes were soft and warm, and the fruits were obviously fresh! I was also really impressed by the English cream that I've never tried before and had for the first time at this restaurant (it tasted amazing paired with the French toast, hazelnut, and some fruits). 

For my moms plate, because I don't eat bacon, I can't recommend it but it did smell good. If there's one thing from her plate that I would definitely recommend, it's the potatoes! Those tasted amazing, honestly so good! I would go back just for those potatoes. She also obviously enjoyed her meal since it was her second time going back and she basically devoured her plate. 


With all this being said, the best part wasn't even the food (actually it was) but the prices were so cheap! Both of our meals together didn't surpass 35$ including drinks and a tip. If you go some other boujee-er places, you can definitely expect to spend way more than that so knowing this place was affordable and tasted amazing? Win-win.



2277 Riverside Dr.