With only two weeks left in the semester, it's time to complete final projects and papers and get prepared for...

With only two weeks left in the semester, it's time to complete final projects and papers and get prepared for finals. Carleton University is filled with study spots to suit any preference you have for your study environment. 

If you need silence...

The fifth floor of the library offers a silent study space. There are beautiful views of the quad if you are lucky to snag a desk or chair by the windows.  It gets extremely busy in the library during finals season, so if you are looking to get some cramming in or write the final pages of your term paper, the morning is the best time to go. 

If you are a night owl and prefer to study at night, Paterson Hall is usually open from the tunnel level and has lots of tables, couches, and empty classrooms to cram in. 

If you need background noise...

If the silence of the library makes you fall asleep and lose focus, the tunnels in Tory, by the University Centre, are always buzzing with people studying, walking by, selling snacks at bake sale, or handing out flyers. There's always something going on to buzz through your head. It also fills up, especially during the day, so the tunnels under the library or the seats outside the food court in the University Centre are suitable alternatives. 

If you need to stay caffeinated..

The Tim Hortons in River Building (or Richcraft Hall, whichever you prefer) is the only Tim's on campus that serves iced coffee, which is a major plus!

The Starbucks in UC has tables aside from the pick up station, as well as couches and tables behind. They are easily accessible after getting your latte! 

If you like studying with friends...

The fourth floor of library has a group study hall full of tables, comfy seats, and white boards for group studying. You also don't need to worry about being busted for talking. It does get pretty busy however, but you can book a study space through the MacOdrum Library website or through the Carleton app to ensure you and your group has a spot. 

Tunnel Junction also has large tables available usually in the morning or evening for when the library is too busy, as well as the Tory Tunnels! 

If you don't like people...

If you are willing to make the walk, there are tables in Athletics that are usually empty. Plus the Tim's line is short so you won't have to waste your time in the UC one.

Loeb Cafe is also not a very populous location. It's almost the same as the food count in UC but less people, resulting in more available tables. 

Wherever you chose to study and how you like to study, Carleton probably has a place for you to happily do so. Good luck in your final days of classes and all the success is wished to you as you write exams!