With a prominent contest win, recording in Toronto with some impressive people, and over 150 thousand listens on Spotify under...

With a prominent contest win, recording in Toronto with some impressive people, and over 150 thousand listens on Spotify under her belt, seventeen year old Emma Lamontagne from Kanata is taking the music world by storm.

In summer of 2016, Lamontagne took home the grand prize of Bluesfest’s “She’s the One” contest, a competition that focuses on young women emerging in Canada’s music scene. She said, “Winning the competition was a total shock! I definitely didn’t expect hearing my name during the results.”

In the months that followed, Lamontagne’s life changed.

   Image courtesy of @emmalamontagnemusic on Instagram.

“It started in January with a writing trip to Toronto where I had the chance to meet lots of writers and producers in the industry,” she explained. “A few months later, I went back to finish some demos, and later recorded the finished single.”

Since its release on July 7th, her single, I Don’t Sleep, currently has over 150 thousand listens on Spotify. With the help of Mississauga singer Robyn Dell’Unto, Lamontagne was able to turn the song into what it is today.

“She handed me instruments and we started an instrumental. She began to draft some lyrics based on conversations we had right before and voila! We had the chorus to our demo.”

With so many talented producers, singers, and performers around her, it was an experience that helped her learn both about the industry and about herself.

“The whole process of working with other talented musicians had taught me to keep an open mind,” she said. “I believe I’m more aware now than ever what it takes to make a good song in my style. I’ve learned that success comes in different forms and the only important thing I should focus on is happiness.”

   Image courtesy of @sansformart on Instagram, via @emmalamontagnemusic on Instagram.

Not only does she want happiness for herself, but she wants to provide happiness for other people through her music. “I get a lot of support from other people and their music, so I aspire to do the same.”

The road of production is a long one, and while she’s still in high school, juggling the two parts of her life can be tricky. She explained that everyone is thankfully very understanding and accommodating. With her last year of high school approaching, it’s also a time for her to make decisions as to what she wants to do after high school.

She admitted that, “Honestly, this hasn’t been what I’ve always wanted to do with my like, but it is now. Hopefully music will always be a part of my career.”

With her first single being a huge success, listeners are eager to hear more of her stuff. So when can people expect it?

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see!”

You can listen to her single I Don't Sleep on Spotify, and catch her on Instagram, and YouTube