It feels as though the idea to launch my own website came to me just yesterday! In reality, I've been...

It feels as though the idea to launch my own website came to me just yesterday! In reality, I've been working on this for around 2-3 months now, pondering what I wanted to accomplish with this, where I would host my platform, and how I would turn my thoughts into reality. 

I started CityinThree as a platform to highlight the amazing but underrated city of Ottawa, as well as its' people. The name CityinThree came to me because I figured if Toronto could be considered the six, Ottawa could be the three (613). On top of this, I thought of the three most obvious things that make up a city and I came up with the people, food, and places and culture. I also decided to keep a section that covered worldwide trends and issues due to my history in social justice and my admiration of celebrity culture.

Ottawa is quickly changing and transforming into a lively, cultured city so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and start showcasing these changes. I knew it would be difficult and I knew I'd face roadblocks but finally being able to launch CityinThree has definitely been one of the most amazing experiences I could ever go through at just 20 years old. 

Fortunately, I was able to bring over some of my writers from Mogul and they adapted amazingly! I knew that with this website, I wanted to ensure high quality and relevant articles were being published. Without my wonderful writers, none of this would have been possible! I am forever grateful for their professionalism, consistency, dedication and talent. 

Additionally, I have to give major shout outs to the people in my circle who have supported me and held it down for me, especially when I was stressed AF and starting to doubt myself. The people who share and repost the stories on our website, the people who give us great feedback and the people who are just genuinely supportive are what made CityinThree feasible.

Anyways, this weekend, I decided to host a launch party and invite all my writers, as well as some close friends to celebrate the start of success! It went extremely well and I was super fortunate to have such a supportive and positive circle of people around me. It was also amazing to be able to sit down and chat with my writers about their passions, interests and future with CityinThree. We discussed what they'd like to see from me, from the site, from their experience and more! It was a very genuine, humbling, and heartwarming experience for me.

With that being said, credit is due where credit is due! 

To Pamela, your undying support of anything I do, as well as your dreamer perspective of life have definitely driven my passion and consistency to never want to quit. You are my best friend and my copilot, I am grateful of your presence in my life, as well as everything you've ever done for me. When I eat, you eat.

To Nikou, you know how much I love you, girl! You are one of the most supportive people I've ever met and you have such a kind soul. I've never heard you speak ill of anyone and you always try to see the best in people. I'm so appreciative of that because you're who I turn to when I need to vent. CityinThree is my baby but God damn, it has stressed the hell out of me lol and without your calm and soothing personality, I probably wouldn't be here!

 To AJ, aka my future accountant and my twin flame, you were probably one of the most supportive people when it came to making my dream a reality. You cosigned all my designs and logos and you let me vent to you endlessly. This process was long and it was hard but you were there for me every step of the way. When I'm rich and famous, I promise I'll hook you up with RiceGum!

To Debruhjay, girl I told you you'd be a part of my "speech" lol! You are my most straight up and tough love friend. You'll tell me when something is feasible or when I should just drop it but you were mad supportive of CityinThree from the jump! You've coached me through my dramatic ass life and you honestly deserve all the credit for telling me about the communications program. When everyone else thought I was crazy for wanting to change my program after two years of university, you were extremely supportive and you pushed me into something I love! Now, I'm launching my own website and it's crazy as hell to think of how it all started, with our conversation about my life crisis in that little SFUO office lol. I can't wait for Cocktails and Ambition to truly pop off.

To Sunny, I know we just met but you really held it down! You were able to capture one of the most life-changing events for me and you were so patient even though I became such a diva LOL. Thank you for these images; I know you said photography is just something you love doing but I truly hope you go far and accomplish whatever your heart desires. For anyone who needs a fire Instagram shoot, you are definitely the person they should hit up!

To Omar, not Omari Mydz or Omarothman10 but Omar, you were my rock during the entirety of CityinThree. As my best friend, you made me believe this was a possibility even when I was stressed out and crying to you because I didn't think I'd be able to accomplish its' creation. You had your own music to focus on and your own problems to settle but you still always made sure that I was okay and I was happy and that I wasn't stressing out too much. You did so much for me and you really pushed me to believe in myself. I love you and I am so, so, so grateful for your place in my life, regardless of any ups and downs. When, not if but when, your music pops offand I become a famous socialite, lol, we will dominate the world together.

To everyone else who came to my launch party, THANK YOU! I am incredibly grateful for your support and your belief in me. It honestly made me so happy and so thankful to see all of you there just for me and my writers! I definitely wouldn't be here without you so thank you a million times over. I wish we could've gotten a group picture but you know what happened with that Ace Mercado mess hahaha. 




Photos courtesy of @sunminlee1212

Event hosted at Ace Mercado

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