CUDC Featuring Drama, Heartbreak, and Fancy Footwork

All new and returning Carleton Ravens with rhythmic feet should consider joining the Carleton University Dance Crew. I watched their 2018 Spring Showcase and WOW they pulled off an amazing show!

CUDC aimed to bring the audience along on an emotional rollercoaster and they did just that with their original performance of “Love You Goodbye.” This year’s Spring Showcase followed a story line that featured the trials and hardships of a negative relationship. The show was divided into six emotional acts: Meeting, Honeymoon, Abuse/Cheating, Anxiety, Forgiveness, and Self-Growth. Sandwiching the intermission was a series of guest performers to lighten the mood. Dancers of all shapes, sizes, and skill level danced their way through songs like Despacito (Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber), Naughty Ride (WizKid ft Major Lazer), Havana (Camilla Cabella), What About Us (P!NK), Bulletproof (Tiborg Remix by La Roux) and of course no break up is complete without Dua Lipa’s New Rules. All the songs they chose perfectly matched the story they decided to tell, pulling at your heartstrings with every set. The show would have made Beyonce’s Lemonade album proud, ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks
The energy CUDC brought to the stage was infectious. The audience cheered and bopped along while watching synchronized routines. Backpack kid’s infamous slick choreography even made the stage. Dancers weren’t the only artists whose talents shined. CUDC had some talented singers perform as well as powerful spoken word artists. It was a show well worth being SOLD OUT. Congratulations to the executive team and all the dancers that made the evening possible with their dedication and hard work. You guys were amazing!

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