A sequel is most definitely basically guaranteed.

Venom has finally hit theaters, adding a new flavor to the massively popular comic book movie genre. The Spiderman spin off that is not really a Spiderman spin off, is the first attempt at developing a movie centered around a Marvel villain. With Tom Hardy at lead, Venom promised itself to be filled with potential. But how was the movie able the meet our expectations? Or is it time for us to learn how to leave those expectations at the door?

The answer is somewhere in between. Venom is not “bad”… but it’s not very good either. Or should I say, it did not meet the quality I have come to expect from the comic genre (besides the DC movies). It is possible that Marvel is the only studio that can properly develop a legendary adaptation from start to finish without sabotaging its films. To help clarify any confusion, yes Venom is a Marvel character, but the rights to the character do not belong to Marvel Studios. They are still at Sony, which explains why we will not see Tom Hardy swinging web with Tom Holland’s Spiderman. This probably explains how we got to this mess.

For all intents and purposes, we could say that this incarnation of Venom is the best we have seen on screen. That wouldn’t be saying much given its predecessor (Topher Grace in Spiderman 3), but we should acknowledge that we have made significant progress since those dark days. Nevertheless, even though Tom Hardy’s Eddy Brock/Venom is quite entertaining to watch, the movie around him is incredibly stupid. If you are not familiar with the comic book lore, Venom is the symbiotic identity of Eddi Brock and The Black Symbiote, an alien life form that needs to attach itself on a host to survive. When the two meet, they become Venom: a super powered ink like monster that torments its enemies. This right here should be the formula towards a successful film but for some reasons, the director didn’t recognize it.

It takes almost 45 minutes for Eddy Brock to even meet the symbiote. Until then, enjoy watching Tom Hardy paying his bills, washing the dishes, grocery shopping and mending the broken pieces if his love life. For a while, I even forgot that this was supposed to be an action film. That being said, when the action finally kicks in: IT DELIVERS… but only for a little while because we have to go back to watching people doing regular normal stuff… in a comic book movie. The other part where the movie stumbles with its potential is the visual effects. They lack the attention to details and the overall modern quality of digital film making. They probably should have focused more of the budget on the visuals given the fact that the last arc of the film involves a massive CGI fight that almost looks like “Reboot”

Regardless, Venom is making its money, already tracking itself to shatter many box office records for the month of October and thus securing itself a sequel. Maybe it will give the studio the opportunity to makeup for the mistakes made with this film. There was enough in this movie for me to enjoy and so I will look forward to Venom 2 when they announce it. In the meantime, Daredevil season 3 is coming soon. That’s will be a well awaited palate cleanser.