On Thursday night, Ottawa was fortunate enough to receive a free DVSN show. When fans were initially made aware of...

On Thursday night, Ottawa was fortunate enough to receive a free DVSN show. When fans were initially made aware of the concert, as expected, excitement ensued. Instructions were given to register online and wait for confirmation of tickets; all on a first come, first serve basis.

The free show was put on by HEXO, an adult-use cannabis brand, with promotional and DJ support from Breakout Squad, and hosted at Barrymore's. Information concerning HEXO is quite sparse although they're currently promoting their Never Jaded tour, a cross-country tour that features different artists in different cities such as DVSN in Ottawa, Fetty Wap in Vancouver, Wu Tang in Toronto, 88Glam also in Toronto, and more.

With that being said, this event "sold-out" like crazy. By 9PM, the line to get into Barrymore's started at the door of the club on Bank St., wrapping around the intersection at Gilmour St., travelling all the way down to a bit past Derby Pl. By the time the concert had ended, there were still fans waiting in line to get in even though the temperature had dropped to 5 degrees that night.

In regards to the show itself, nearly everything was amazing asides from a couple disappointments. To elaborate, the line was ridiculous and it was very unfortunate for those who weren't able to get in or for those who had to wait 1+ hours in line. Additionally, the front staff team seemed very disorganized and all over the place; almost incapable of managing guests coming in. As someone who works in a club, I can understand how frustrating working the front house is however, it seemed there was some confusion concerning guest list. In turn, this caused those were on guest list, as well as general admission, to have to wait even longer to get inside. The club didn't fill up until around 10:45 regardless of the lengthy line.

Until around 10:30, music was provided by the DJs from Breakout Squad who really held the crowd down. They played both new music and throwbacks that were able to keep whoever managed to get in entertained. Once their time slot was over, there was a host from E! News' who came on stage with a DJ and together, they got the crowd ready for DVSN to finally come on. They played a lot of OVO tracks followed by some RnB that really set the mood.

At around 11:30, DVSN finally came on. To say his performance was great would be undermining the talent, charisma, and entertainment he brought on. Not only did he prove he's in no need of auto tune, he really kept the crowd engaged and excited. DVSN performed his most fan-loved tracks for an about an hour with a few intermissions where he would cover classic RnB tracks. The Toronto native made an excellent job of showing his fans his appreciation of their attendance by making it a night to remember. In addition to that, his backup singers were just fabulous. DVSN had  3 women with him who had the most beautiful, powerful voices. In fact, there were moments throughout the night where they'd get the opportunity to shine solo and the crowd went wild for them.

All in all, the show was most definitely a great time. This concert exemplified DVSN's massive fan base in Ottawa and proved why the city needs more artists to visit. There were people from all backgrounds, of different ages, and from different neighborhoods who showed up and showed out at this concert. It was truly a good vibes type of night where fans could just enjoy real RnB music and take in the show that was on display in front of them. A massive thanks to HEXO, Breakout Squad, and Barrymore's for making this whole thing a possibility for Ottawa - a free one at that.

If there's one way to wrap up this concert, it's definitely by confirming that Ottawa is indeed here for the culture.

*Although DVSN is a duo, Daniel Daley appeared to be the only one in attendance. The other half of DVSN is Nineteen85.