Full Moon Horoscopes Nov 30-Dec 6   The Moon enters Gemini and becomes full December 3rd, highlighting areas of communication and commitment...

 Full Moon Horoscopes Nov 30-Dec 6


The Moon enters Gemini and becomes full December 3rd, highlighting areas of communication and commitment throughout the month. This reminds us of the importance of recognizing how we communicate to others, to ourselves and how we receive communication. The Full Moon so early in the month offers us a head start on our New Year Resolutions. We are being asked to look at what needs tweaking, what we want to change, or what we can put in action now to achieve our goals in the future year. The horoscopes for this week, offer us a starting point of where to look for these tweaks. 



Intense emotions around your love life may come up for you this week. I feel super cliche writing that as my first official horoscope for Ci3 but its true.  Think about how you are communicating to those you love. Make sure to make room for lovin' yourself in order to make room for others. 



The next few weeks are perfect for you Capricorns to have a little fun and figure out how to integrate more ease and creativity into your work focused life. Wear that funny Christmas sweater, or stay in and binge watch your favorite TV show - fun is defined differently for everyone. 



This is the perfect time for Aquarians to start new routines and set some New Years resolutions a bit early.  The trick here is to communicate them - let your friends or roommates know that you're changing some habits that little bit of support will go a long way.



Warm cozy nights at home or with your fam may be on your mind Pisces. Now is the perfect time for some family time or at least staying ‘homie’. Invite your closest friends over for a night in rather than heading out to strange places this weekend. Its time for you to feel a little settled and safe.



The Focus on communication is twice as strong for you this week. It is important to consider how you have been expressing yourself and if you have been allowing others to express themselves with the same acceptance. As a fire sign communication can tend to be dramatic or passionate (kinda sassy, hehe) so consider where/when/ who you may need to speak or listen more gently to.



Thinking about the holidays may get to you this week Taurus. Spending money and your perception of the gift giving season will come into focus. You will want to find balance between being financially smart and diving into the fun loving, money spending, spirit of the holidays. Get clear with which way of being is most important to you and go from their to feel comfortable with the on coming pressure of the holiday season.



The moon is in your zodiac sign so focus will be on you and how you feel about yourself as well as how you present yourself to others. My biggest hope when a planet is in your zodiac sign is that you are feeling yourself and basking in how amazing you are, however, this is not always the case. Either way if don’t feel to much like yourself these days or are really in the zone, now is the perfect time to reconnect to what makes you, you.



You may feel the need to take a time out, crawl into your shell a little and take a look at the bigger picture this week. This energy is causing you to reflect on your secret self and your deepest desires. The Gemini Moon makes this the perfect energy to share your dreams or at least journal about them, any form of putting them out into the real world is a start.



Even if you don’t expect it you may be feeling the need to re-connect with your people this week, Leo. During this communication and commitment energy of the Gemini Full Moon it is important to consider which friends serve which purposes in your life and how to make time for each of them.



Work and studies will dominate this week for you. It is important to remember to NOT let them control your life and to not let the way you communicate at work or about school affect your treatment of the rest of the world. Commit to finding a balance between the Work You and the Real You.



Now is the time where you may want to stay up all night and dive in to deep conversation about your life plans and the mysteries of the universe. This type of energy is perfect for setting new years goals and reflecting on steps to make them come true.



Now is the perfect time for you to sort out issues in your life that center around passion and desire. Consider how you are expressing yourself through your passions. Are your needs, dreams and goals being met? Now is the time to tweak, or at least talk about it with any partners or close friends. Reset your goals and go!