As you may already know, the annual Grey Cup is taking place Sunday, November 26th in Ottawa so Lansdowne's about to...

As you may already know, the annual Grey Cup is taking place Sunday, November 26th in Ottawa so Lansdowne's about to be all the way lit because the TD Stadium is covering this event. Now, I'll be honest and let you know I don't know anything about football, or any sports for that matter; however, I do know a thing or two about partying. With that being said, I definitely find ways to get all the inside scoop about clubbing in the city and upcoming events before the general public does and boy, do I have some tea for y'all!

From what I've been told, there are only really 3 main nighttime events that you need to be focused on that weekend because these are about to be the most lit. Now, you probably clicked on this article because you saw dvsn's name in the title and don't worry, I'm getting there but let's talk about some of the other events going on that same weekend because they all tie together.

On Friday, November 24th, we have The Game Part 1. This is a kickoff party for the grey cup so this is basically how you're going to show other locals just how proud of your team you are. This is the night to get shit faced and experience Ottawa's newest urban nightclub, Prvt Prprty. Not only is this event going to be lit because they're going to have great drinks and a great atmosphere but artists such as Josh Clarke, Eddy P, Jewelz from Toronto, and Ottawa local JYDN are performing. If you don't already know, JYDN just opened for Roy f*cking Woods on November 11th, and he's from the same collective as Maurice Moore with the Strxytellers. Doors open at 10pm so don't be late because it's bound to be packed but if you want to play it safe, you can grab tickets by going to and searching "Great Cup The Game Part 1". Hurry now, don't wait too long or you might just catch an L.


​​On Saturday, November 25th, this is definitely the event to go to if you're a dedicated groupie and looking to meet your new bae. I'm only kidding however there will be some football stars in the building including Darian Durant, Nik Lewis, and ​​Jovon Johnson. Try not to act too hard like a fanboy, y'know, play it cool and just get litty at Steak & Sushi in the Byward Market. Once again, tickets will be sold on Eventbrite however for this event, you'll be searching for "Grey Cup The Game Part 2". Easy enough, right? If you're not too hungover from the night before, this is a great event to pretty much just mix and mingle, have a few drinks, and basically prepare yourself for the big day and the main event. This is definitely going to be a little bit more of a club vibe than the night before so you can get turnt if you want just don't get so hungover you miss the game!


And now, for the main event and what you've been waiting for; the title of this article is correct, dvsn is coming to Ottawa, baby! They'll be hosting an event at Prvt Prprty which is extremely exciting for Ottawa! Now, if you're as in love with this duo as I am, then you know that they recently released their album "Morning After" and boy, was this album extremely well received. Featuring hit tracks such as "Nuh Time/ Tek Time", "Think About Me", and "Morning After", if someone didn't know this RnB group prior, once the album was released, they definitely did. It was literally anything anyone was talking about and unsurprisingly, soon after, they announced that they were going on tour. However, Ottawa was obviously left out... you know, because we always are, sigh. Yet, Saabs Entertainment took it upon themselves to be the hero Ottawa needs by bringing dvsn here anyway! Now, I know for a fact I will definitely be there and I also know that it's most likely an event that will sell out. So, like I always say, either buy your tickets in advance or arrive early! I don't want to see anyone catching any L's - don't say I didn't warn you, either!


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