I write my horoscopes around the position of the Moon. The Moon reigns over emotions and our inner reactions, therefore...

I write my horoscopes around the position of the Moon. The Moon reigns over emotions and our inner reactions, therefore the life areas discussed in your horoscope may not be all too clear (some times they are and I love hearing peoples feedback) but I write these as an opportunity for y’all to get a little bit more in tune with your self, your emotions, and the moon. 

I recommend checking our horoscopes for Your Sun Moon and Rising Sign. Don't know what your signs are? 

December 29th – January 4th


Love Your Self – Now is a good time to consider your relationships Capricorn. Are you expecting too much and giving to little? Are you giving too much to your partner and not yourself? Take time to take care of you. Starting off the New Year by checking in with yourself and making sure you are taken care of by YOU is the best way to go.



Bad Habits Die Hard - Need to break a habit Aquarius? Or perhaps start a healthy one? Not only is the New Year welcoming personal change but the Full Moon in Cancer is brining change to your daily life and routine in a way that is best for you.



Have a Kit Kat - Take a break, Pisces, your mind might be to focused on some serious business this week but the Full Moon offers you a chance to have some fun, unleash your creativity and have a break while you can. Find your perfect way to have fun and recharge for what is sure to be a kick ass year ahead.



Alone Time - Don’t for get to consider yourself and your personal day to day needs when making your New years goals, Aries. You have big dreams, lots of love and a hell of an ability to accomplish them but don’t forget to look a little closer at what YOU need first to get there.



Communication Station- Be wary of how you communicate this week as well as recognize and forgive those who may not quite understand you – or who you might not understand. It is important to recognize the various levels of communication and that some peoples, just don’t line up. Now is the perfect time to get clear with what you want to say, your platform for the year, your values and how you want to express yourself.



Dress for Success- The need to shop may take a hold of you after the holidays especially if purchasing certain material goods sets you up for success in the New Year. Now, depending on where you are spiritually or on the topic of consumerism after the holidays I can suggest this time as an opportunity to consider your values and why you feel the need to purchase and accumulate as well.



In the Spot Light – The Full Moon is in your Sign, Cancer and this sometimes brings bout the need for a change. Whether the change occurs in your appearance, lifestyle, or personal mantra go with what feels right. If you were planning on making any New years Resolutions that specifically have to do with you, your body, mindset, habits now is prime time to take them on!



Peace Out - You may be thinking a little tooo much Leo. Remember to stay present, don’t think too far ahead and take it day by day. This week is perfect for doing something alone and getting back in tune with yourself and the world around you.  



Your Tribe – Finding balance between yourself and your needs and the needs of your friends and friendships is crucial this week. Make sure this year you are surrounded by those who make you feel good and supported. Celebrate each other, release the drama, forgive what can be forgiven and start the year of right.



The Grind - Issues with work or school may come about this week. When considering your New Years goals how much stock does your work life take in them? Should they be more present or are they taking control of your life? Before you commit to some major new goals make sure they are aligned to your true needs.



Anything Can Happen- You should be feeling quite adventurous and that this year is your oyster, Scorpio. This may lead you to make BIG plans for this year and your experience, don’t forget to include plans for personal grown and self development. Entering this year with optimism all around is sure to make it a great one.



A Box of Chocolates – Beware of overindulgence or perhaps holiday indulgence guilt coming your way this week. Make sure to balance out the nitty gritty in your life. Drink some water after those left over Christmas cookies, spend some quality time alone after your big night out with friends. Its all about balance and give and take this week.


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