Sagittarius  This is the perfect time to consider how you’re representing yourself to the world, this moon energy offers a...


This is the perfect time to consider how you’re representing yourself to the world, this moon energy offers a chance to embrace or change the way you put yourself out there. So what plans do you have for yourself and the new year? Big Changes? Or a new perspective on yourself?


The Sun and Moon will soon be entering your sign, and I find that this often brings up tension or restlessness. The moons focus for Capricorns is in the life area of endings, pretty suitable since 2017 is nearly over. Take that restlessness and make plans, consider what you need to let go of in order to grow better in the next cycle of your life!



You may be feeling super connected and supported this weekThink of your biggest dreams and recognize ways that they could be working to come true at this very moment, take steps to grow towards them even further. It is also important to recognize the presence of those who are there to support you, your friends, family and the community you surround yourself with are certainly considerable factors in the achievement of your success.


Lots of energy on your career or public identity for you Pisces. You may be ready to make big changes and the universe is supporting them 100%. The Sagittarius New Moon energy that was brought in on Monday honors the productive steps being made within this life area and reminds you to embrace your choices and never look back.


Optimism runs high for you this week Aries. This is the perfect time for you to be thinking about your own personal development as well as making bigger plans of exploration and travel. The Moon is in your ninth house which is a complex one, I like to compare the feeling of the ninth house to that of reading a good book, cozy on the couch, productive yet easy, fun and carefree. 


You may feel the need to find concrete evidence of change this time around Taurus. . This is a great time to think about goals you can see - like getting over a fear or cleaning out that closet, which will allow you to think more clearly on the bigger goals ahead.


Light is shining on your relationship sector this time around Gemini. How can you start anew in your relationship? With the social energy of Sagittarius, the focus on your love or loved ones suggest the opportunity for more fun and light conversations, spending time with one another throughout the holidays will help bring about that fresh start. 


This New Moon Energy may make you feel the need to get back on track with your daily routine and health goals Cancer. This can be tough especially with the holiday season busy-ness (and food) but at least you will have the drive to plant seeds for goals in the New Year and you should be feeling good. 


Focus on ways to renew your outlook on fun and self-expression Leo. As a Leo myself I have realized how little stock I have put into really letting go or not being uptight about deadlines but have recently been taking it easy and it sure feels good. Leo's should embrace the craziness of the holidays makes sure to be present and enjoy the special moments the next week or so, the moon is giving you the OK. 




Being warm and cozy at home may be where your heart will be this week Libra. The Moon is asking you to look at what makes home, home, what makes you feel good about it. What goals can you set toward your home life in the New Year? 



Oh Virgo, you could possibly be feeling this Mercury Retrograde hard when it comes to communication and feeling misunderstood since the Moon is in your house of communication. Sink into your truth and get clear with what you want to say, who you want to say it to and why. Really take a second to meditate, or think this week and maybe even write those thoughts and goals down. 



A focus  on finances and abundance are more likely to come up for you this week, specifically associated with new beginnings and being aligned with your truest self. Consider the similarities and differences between your definitions of Finance and Abundance, take time to write down goals that satisfy both.