February might be coming to an end but it is only just the beginning of Pisces season. The Zodiac sign...

February might be coming to an end but it is only just the beginning of Pisces season. The Zodiac sign of Pisces rules the most mystical areas of life, and therefore invites us to explore those secret parts of ourselves where we hone our intuition, magic, and emotions. Through these next four weeks we are being asked to befriend emotion - our own and the emotion of others- show compassion and get imaginative. 

 As usual I recommend looking up your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign and reading the horoscopes for all three! 

 I also attributed each reading to a yoga pose this week, so if you know your yoga this may help you get a sense of the energy your signs are experiencing, if yoga isn't your thing try these moves out and see what happens!



Shavasana - The Sun has just entered your house and boy does this seem like an interesting ride. You may feel restless to make changes or be out there in some way (especially if your birthday is this week). The planets are still advising you to take it easy, now may not be the time for action and that is perfect!  The rest of the planets are there to help you enjoy each moment this week by finding comfort in the small things and expressing yourself fiercely. 



Runners Lunge -There is opportunity this week to reignite the appreciation you have for yourself, your values and your determination. Mars is working with your sign to create ease in your day to day. You're killing it.



Lions Breath - Voice your opinion, get your ideas out there and have constructive conversations with others. By communicating properly this week you are sure to have some weight lifted off of your shoulders and some luck thrown your way. 



Crow Pose - Something has been building up here for you Sagittarius, and this is the week where it will come to its breaking point. When we are frustrated with something it is usually a call to act. Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign this week and therefore whatever you choose to act on should work in your favor, even if you don't see it that way yet.  



Childs Pose - After a rocky few weeks things should be adjusting themselves to your pace again Scorpio. Jupiter in your sign brings in this sense of optimism and abundance this week. As someone with Scorpio in there chart my advice is to cherish each moment that goes your way this week. See where you can learn a deeper lesson of patience and ease. 



Eagle Pose - You may be getting into the swing of a new routine, or more focused on your day to day goals this week. Stress might come on a more subconscious level since some tension is brought on by other planets asking you to dig into some larger goals and life lessons. You can work through it this week by keeping up with your daily routine or perhaps if you have some kind of mystical interest - taking a look at that. It is Pisces season after all and anything goes. 



Rabbit Pose - This seems like one of those weeks where you need to curl up with your best friend and just spend some time. A lot is going on for you astrologically and feeling the love could be really good for you. Your mind may be running a mile a minute as various planets opposing your sign have you looking at things from all perspectives. This weeks (Months) energy seems to be part of a larger lesson that could reveal itself soon. 



Humble Warrior  -This is the start of a new cycle for you and Mars is working with your sign in a way that seems kinda magical. It is important to remain optimistic this week as you undergo some deeper transformations that may leave you mentally exhausted, especially toward the end of the week where the moon enters your sign. With the influence of Mars you should be able to accept any challenges that come your way with ease as they reveal how strong you really are. 



Alternate Nostril Breathing - The Sun is shining on your 9th house and Pisces season is the perfect time for dreaming big and getting in tune with your own personal philosophies. Some aspect in the sky might be making it difficult for you to find this expansive state of mind this week. This can be overcome quickly by leaning into the tension, clearing your mind and re centering yourself. What are your big desires?  



Stirrup Pose - Might be a tough week here Gemini, you  are bound to run into instances of discomfort and miscommunication. This could be a good week to really dive into your work and routine, focus on you, the planets will align in a more favorable way shortly. However, your not necessarily one to back away from uncomfortable situations so remember to listen, and pause before you act. 




Chair Pose - Many things will be asking for you attention this week, Taurus. and you are happy to be of service! Communicating and being out there should make you feel really good. You are also reminded to create time for yourself, to connect with your goals or whatever keeps you on track. 



Cat Cow - It won't be long until the Sun makes its way to your sign and I always like to warn that this may bring a little shadow to the weeks ahead, don't be afraid if you feel the need to hermit out anytime this month - it's actually exactly what you need! This bit of shadow is also justified this week due to Saturn and Pluto being square in your chart. These are two planets which really love transformation and growth. This seems like the perfect week to dive into goals you may have for your next solar year (B-day year) and fight of that shadow by getting hyped about your future and how amazing you are.