This week, we are all influenced by three major planets - Saturn, Mars and Jupiter- hanging out side by side in...

This week, we are all influenced by three major planets - Saturn, Mars and Jupiter- hanging out side by side in the sky. This planetary get together can cause either confusion or clarity depending on how it interacts with your natal chart. This weeks horoscopes offer a little insight to where this may be affecting your life; if you can expect chaos or good fortune. 



Do it for you. This is the last full week of the sun being in your sign, this is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on if you have successfully shown up for yourself the past four weeks. Is there something you wish you had done? Like, write that article or get that hair cut? This is the week to do it all! Enter the next phase of your solar year with no loose ends!



Feeling the Love. Venus is moving into your sign just in time for V-Day and your Solar Return! This may bring up issues of self value, and how you value others. The time is ripe to start a new self love routine or show gratitude to those important to you this week. This should help you find some alignment during the cosmic changes of the week ahead. 


Any confusion or indecision when it comes to taking action should be fought by your ability to communicate this week, Aries. The Sextile in the sky affecting your ruling planet may create some hesitation when it comes to doing, however, any trouble you may have can be solved by discussion. Talk it out with your friends and make some sense of your current issues, schedule a chat with your manager or prof, anything can be solved when you just communicate.


Feeling a little down on your luck? These next few days may leave you feeling unhinged and not sure why. It may be that Jupiter is opposite your sign right now, creating some unease. Turn your own luck around by accepting this messy period as an opportunity to learn about yourself, how you handle things and if you have the courage to wade it out until smoother waters. 



The planetary aspects to your sign may cause some hesitation when it comes to taking action this week. You may be changing things up, experiencing things in new ways and that might scare you. The lesson here is that we often are afraid to approach situations especially when they are new or different but once we gather up the courage to act we realize there was nothing to fear at all. 



Tune in to lessons you might be ignoring - particularly when it comes to taking care of yourself.  These kind of lessons can show up in a variety of ways, from avoiding a cold to finding a major balance in routine. Saturn is asking you to take a deeper look at what regular practices you can keep up or adjust in order to be the best version of you. 


The Sun has been shining on your House of Love and Relationships for the past few weeks and with Venus slowly moving out of opposition with your sign your love life should be moving into a more steady, harmonious period. It is important to reflect on how this Venus opposition has made you feel the past week or so, and how you can move into this next phase of your love life stronger and smarter than before. 



Embrace it. This week you may be feeling the effects of change, looking back over the past three weeks, how are things different? The Sun is finishing up its time in your Transformation Zone and the three planets hanging out together in the sky might be calling on you to take some bigger steps towards change. Acknowledge the lessons you have learnt when it comes to your personal development this week, the transformation is only just beginning. 


Wake up buddy. With the Sun in your Big Picture Zone and Saturn the Cosmic Teacher, with Mars the Planetary Enforcer influencing your sign this week expect to be called to take steps or make decisions that will effect your future this week. That might sound really intimidating but it can be as simple as booking a trip or researching Grad Schools, get your mind going, and listen to what your inner teacher is telling you.


The week may start off emotional, as the Moon enters your sign things can get a little intense! Just keep in mind that there is a reason for every thing as big lessons are revealing themselves t0 you this week, especially when it comes to your professional life or your ability to self-discipline. 



On the Move. You may be prepared and excited to put yourself out there and make big moves this week, Sag. With the Sun in your house of Friends and Mars hanging in out in your sign, life seems like a party this week- a productive one though, were you get shit done and are surrounded by amazing supportive people. 


Welcome in ease. Things are looking up for you Capricorns as this week allows you to take a break. Although it is hard to stop that Capricorn workaholic mindset, do your best to take deep breaths, notice the little things that make you happy and let go of things that are out of your control.



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