This week's Full Moon in Virgo, AKA the Crow Moon brings in a great opportunity for clearing, taking charge and...

This week's Full Moon in Virgo, AKA the Crow Moon brings in a great opportunity for clearing, taking charge and refocusing one's priorities. It is basically the spring cleaning of moon energy. The next few weeks we are being asked to make room (mentally and physically) and welcome in spring as the winter thaws away. Consider what in your life you need to let go of, and what you need to be more open to as spring approaches.

 This weeks horoscopes are based around what astrological house the moon is in for your sign. The moon rules your emotions so some of these topics may not be showing up so bluntly in your life but are often the things that are under the surface of some issues, and are asking for your attention. 

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Take this Virgo moon energy and apply it to areas of love. This could be through communicating with your partner and giving your time and attention to them over the next few days. Perhaps there are issues surrounding this life area that you need to release or some type of clarity you need to find in order to move on and really get that fresh, lovin' feeling. This is the perfect time to really get that balance between you and your partner in love.

There may have already been attempts at a new lifestyle or daily routine going on since the new year. The Moon in your 6th house of Daily Life and Routine may be calling you to solidify those new aspects and really commit to your new lifestyle! Re-affirm your goals and what you wanna get out of your new routine and start the spring off feeling good and committed.

It is interesting that we find the moon in your fifth house of Fun again, Taurus. Some how I'm sensing a difficulty finding balance with the lighter aspects of life in your day to day right now. What does Fun mean to you? Depending on your lifestyle it could be as simple as becoming more optimistic and excitable in the workplace, to partying with friends frequently, or alone time. If there are any adjustments you think are needed in order to create this balance in your life.

The Full Moon is in your house of Foundations and Home Life. Is your routine changing? What keeps you grounded? These are all things to consider this Full Moon especially when letting go and being more open to things. The House of foundations is a very strong house to deal with during this spring cleaning time. Really use the opportunity to be more open to your emotional and personal needs.

Consider how you want to express yourself and interact with other people, are you listening? The Moon is in your 3rd house of Communication and this can be very interesting when being asked to clarify and release under this Virgo Moon. this is the perfect time to express yourself - but the moon can make it all crazy emotional so keep focused and productive this week as well.

The moon is hitting your second house of Cash and Values. This brings focus on how you are handling your money, as well as how you are handling yourself in matters of worth and power.Find a balance between what you do for yourself and others this week. You may learn a lesson or two about habits or thoughts that you need to let go of and ways to welcome in a more positive life.

This Full Moon is a huge opportunity to Spring Clean YOU. This can always mean a good old shopping spree or haircut but it can also be a very personal type of spring cleaning if you are able to identify habits and patterns that are not good for you this is the perfect time to start getting rid of them! The Full Moon in your first house is almost like another New Year. What kind of changes would you like to see?

This is pretty cool. The Moon is shining on your house of spirituality. This house also represents space, taking a timeout and considering the deepest parts of yourself. Much like my reading for Virgo, this is super interesting to consider where you could be letting things go and welcoming stuff in but with a little bit more emotional intensity. You may be feeling more down on yourself as the 12th house is also the house of undoing but don't chu worry in a few weeks the Moon will be moving into your house of self and it only gets better from there.

The Moon is in your House of Friendships. Reconnecting with friends, and reconsidering which friendships serve you is important here. Don’t be afraid to let people go, it may also be beneficial to open yourself up to new experiences, a more exciting social life or busier schedule when it comes to spending item with those who help you grow.

The moon is in your house of Career. Create some fresh energy when it comes to how you approach your workplace and your position at work - for those whose career is still in the works, more optimism when it comes to schooling and planning for the future. What do you want to be more open to. What bad habits or thoughts can you let go of?

The Moon is in your 8th house of Expansion and Life Philosophies. With the Full Moon, this often brings warning of your own attitude causing upset - wanting to be somewhere other than you are. It is important here to realize the beauty in your current situation while working towards and finding a balance between the things that expand your mind, or your big dreams and adventurous goals.

The moon is in your house of Transformation – Birth and Death- This is an amazing house to be in when dealing with the productive, welcoming energy of the full moon in Virgo. How do you want the spring to transform you? What are you willing to see grow and what are you willing to see die. My one teacher speaks about this house in a really helpful way. That which we are letting go of or letting "die” only becomes food for what we need to produce next. - This house is funny and is also about sex and shared finances so, emotionally things with that can come up, pay attention and see if they are telling you something a little deeper.