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Horoscopes for the Week of January 15-21 - CityinThree


This week is a big one when it comes to astrology and being prepared for some major energies. First, let...

This week is a big one when it comes to astrology and being prepared for some major energies.

First, let me catch you up on some planetary shifts that happened over the past few weeks. Venus is now in the sign of Sagittarius. After moving back and forth between Scorpio and Libra Venus is leaving its retrograde energy behind and giving us a lot more to look forward to. Sagittarian Venus brings us more optimistic and playful energy when it comes to relationships and experiencing pleasure. This could manifest in the form of finally letting go of some relationships or making good use of the things you have rather than purchasing more.

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and innovation has started to move direct. This means that certain changes you’ve been trying to make will be able to pick up momentum and move along now. This can relate specifically to any events that occurred May 2017 – when Uranus went Retrograde. This is perfect energy to mix with the upcoming Aquarius season and the Full moon Eclipse.

This is the LAST week of the sun in Capricorn, which means we are all tying up some in of lesson or new beginning (See horoscopes for more specifics.) this is also a big time to get into the ambitious earth energy of Capricorn where we can hone in on our ambitions and goals for our public lives this year. What kind of career moves are you making? How are you sticking to your aspirations? When the Sun moves into Aquarius, we are asked to put more of our selves out to the world. What is it you want to bring to the collective? What relationships are you fostering with your community?

This week is leading us to the massive energy of the Full Moon in Leo on Monday, January 21st. This isn’t a regular ol’ Full Moon it’s also a lunar eclipse. This is a last of a cycle of lunar eclipses that have occurred since 2017. This particularity brings up any issues that were prominent in Summer 2017 and Summer 2018 and helps bring them to a close. OR perhaps enables you to acknowledge how far you have come and what lessons you have really learned.
Everyone will be hit with heightened emotions especially when it comes to our self and how we interact with others. The Full Moon is in Leo on the exact day the sun enters Aquarius and challenges us to acknowledge our ego and how it plays into our relationships with others, and our community. Where may you be to focus on self-fulfillment? Where have you been too focused on others? There needs to be a balance to reach our peace.



Capricorn season is asking you to consider your place in the public sphere. Do you want to take on more responsibility? Is there a job you’re considering or a goal you need to network to reach? While reading the chart, I feel like despite these questions and desires you need to slow down. Do not over think things this week and get familiar with the idea that your goals can take time to reach. The Full Moon is in your fifth house which can bring up challenges regarding balancing this productive, ambitious mindset with fun and creativity. Really take a second to reflect on where you may need to take it easy.



Capricorn season has been a big time for you, you could be making lots of plans or saving up for a trip or new business venture. This energy directed to more worldly interests is lots of fun to be in but can get overwhelming. The Full Moon in your fourth house is asking you to ground yourself a little bit as it focuses in on your home and family – or more immediate concerns. Venus is also now in your 8th house which brings some transformational energy into your love and relationships over the next few weeks. What relationships are changing and how do you see yourself developing through your bonds with others?



This is an exciting time for you, you are officially 2/3s into our solar year, and this is where some things start to change. You may feel drawn to new hobbies, interests or spiritual matters. Anything that gives you the feeling of expanding or change. What new ways of thinking are coming to you? What are they asking you to change about yourself? After Capricorn Season ends these lessons will stick with you and ask you to master them over the next 4 months. The Full Moon Eclipse is hitting your third house, the house you rule. This means that there could be a lot coming up, you may find your self having more than one emotional conversation or vulnerable moment. How has your style of communicating changed? Lastly, Venus is in your seventh house, which is a sweet spot of love and relationships. This is the perfect time to solidify your feelings or show those you love how much you care.



The past few weeks have given you some significant insights into your partnerships. Your love life may particularly be highlighted here but also consider your business partnerships, roommates, even your interactions with strangers. How have you been challenged this month to be more present with others? To make sure there is a balance between giving and receiving within these relationships? These messages also tie into the general message of the Full Moon. An additional message for you from the Moon’s position is to reconnect to your values. Drama may have popped up where you need to balance your actions to what really matters to you, or perhaps merely start balancing your finances.



How do you stay grounded? There is a big focus for you over the past few weeks on being present in the material world. This may have played out by getting into healthier habits, working a productive routine or connecting with others. This lesson of grounding and being present and aligned to your purpose is extremely helpful for the energy coming in with the Total Eclipse in Leo. First, this means that the eclipse is going to be in your first house. What about your core self have you changed? What have you grown through since the last full Moon in your sign? (August 2018). Secondly, the polarity of Leo and Aquarius asks you to dive in deeper to the theme of connecting and working with others. How can you be more involved with your community? How can you be of service to others?



Since December 21st all Virgos have been asked to start seeing things in a different light. Have you been too pessimistic lately and not willing to see the good in things? Capricorn season has hopefully given you the push to start looking on the brighter side or finding something new and exciting to focus on. The Full Moon could bring up issues about letting go of the past or releasing. This could be asking you to pay more attention to what you were going through during the other lunar eclipses in Leo (July 2017, August 2018) and even Uranus Transits (May 2018) to recognize what changes you are resisting or what scars you have yet to address.



It is 1/4 way through your solar year. This checkpoint pairs nicely with the grounding message of Capricorn season and the balance been work and comfort. Over the past month, the sun has been shining on your 4th house. This makes it the perfect time to check into your foundations and what exactly you are aiming for. Where do your ambitions lie?
On a lighter note, this is also a time to think about how to nurture yourself and stay grounded. You may need to spend some time at home or reconnect with a loved one. Overall there is a need to retreat into yourself, figure some things out and reconnect before moving forward in the next quarter of the solar year which will be moving quite fast.



How have you been expressing yourself? Has it been faithful to your authentic self? Is there a reason why you act in certain ways or hold back? These are some things that may be coming to light with the end of Capricorn season. It is important to consider why you express yourself the way you do to work towards your higher goals and visions for your life. The Full Moon partners with this idea as it is in your 10th House, the house of career and public image, which also happens to be ruled by Capricorn. This is a big time for you to consider your public image and the next steps in your profession. Things can get emotional this week with all these messages coming together. Don’t worry if you don’t seem to have a handle on things now, this is just the beginning of these significant changes and upgrades.



The Sun is shining on your life area of money and values this month. In terms of finances, this is an excellent time to consider saving up or making investments this month. But, most importantly this second month of your solar year is the perfect time to check in with your core values and if you are living in alignment with them. If you feel that you are then this is a big tithing to celebrate! Make sure you are putting your energy towards something that brings you joy. The Full Moon seconds this theme of being surrounded by things that make you happy and feel expansion and growth. What are you doing or what can you start doing that will help make you feel this way? Venus is also in your Sign now, and this enhances the factor of needing to feel good in the weeks to come and experience things that make you feel comfortable, or even luxurious while you go about your day (AKA. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself this week).



This is the last week of the Sun in your zodiac sign when the sun is in our sign, we are always being welcomed to look at yourself. What do you consider significant parts of you? Sometimes this includes work, school, other people. But Try to think outside of those things. What about YOU makes YOU. How can you embrace those things? How can you take them further? For some of you, this may be a wake-up call to be humbled and recognize if you have been reluctant to appreciate those around you. This Full Moon Total Eclipse brings in a time of personal transformation. This is a phase that can stick with you for the next several months and is asking you to look at what areas of your self you are trying to grow. This can even be working through trauma or letting go of bad habits.



In one week, the sun will enter Aquarius, this means there is a lot of nostalgic energy coming up for you. If things get emotional or fuzzy, don’t worry too much its all part of the process of your sign moving into a new solar year. What lessons has theism Capricorn season taught you about letting go and about connecting to yourself or the world around you? The Full Moon brings some major energy in on your love life and relationships. If there are any sudden changes or radical emotions that come up, these are things you may be dealing with for a few months to come. What are you being asked to pay attention to in terms of your relationships and how you interact with others? What are you being asked to recognize how you view ‘love’?



The past few weeks the Sun has been bringing a lot of focus in on your friendships and connections. What is it about your friendships that you see changing? Which relationships are proving to be beneficial – mentally, spiritually, professionally, etc.? This is also a great time to check in with your self and see if you are surrounding yourself with people who support you and bring you up rather than pull you down or kill your vibe. This can be a hard thing to come to terms with, letting go of people is never easy. I always say that acknowledgment is half the bathe and the more you realize that someone or something is no longer helping you grow, the easier it will become to let it go in the future. The Full Moon is hitting your 6th house which means there may be new health issues or routine adjustments that need to be your focus over the next few months.