January 31st's Full Moon in Leo Full moons represent the peak of something, like, getting something you have been waiting...

January 31st's Full Moon in Leo

Full moons represent the peak of something, like, getting something you have been waiting for or perhaps the beginning of an end. The Full Moon in Leo specifically is kinda complex. We are being asked to find balance in areas of our lives in order to show our selves in our truest, most humble form. These horoscopes point to which life area this need for balance or humility may be pointing to for you! The Super Blue Moon Specifically asks us to clear away our old ways of being for good and truly welcome in a new chapter. - "New Year, New Me" ain't just for January!

These horoscopes point to which life area this need for balance or humility may be pointing to for you!

Love love love – make sure you are loving up on those around you this week Aquarius, show gratitude for those you love having in your life maybe even get a little romantic! However, the Full Moon does ask us to find balance – so if there is a chance that you are already paying tooo much attention to your love life reel it back in and see what need to be done for YOU.

Your focus may be on your own routine and working towards creating a better daily life. This can get a little intense and this Full Moon asks you to find balance by taking some time to consider the mysterious unknown. This is a perfect opportunity to get a tarot reading or look into your birth chart online - these spiritual tools assist your self-development by helping you get to know more about yourself and where you are in life.

This Full Moon asks you to consider the balance between your own basic needs and your need for fun. Have you been restricting yourself because you feel like you haven't worked hard enough? or perhaps you have been overindulging? Either way, some self-evaluation may be needed to consider what you need a break from and what kind of "fun" you need this week. Consider how you can move forward, live with a balance of hustle and fun.

A balance between you and your family life is what will be pulled into focus this week. Consider if you have been struggling with the need to please, spending to much time alone, or not enough. While recognizing the value of family and your foundations get clear with how much time you need to dedicate to You. You may feel a little awkward in dealing with it, there could be a need to create boundaries, or perhaps reconnect with a family member. Whatever version of balance it is work through it with grace.

You are the master of communication, find a balance in this life area this week with how you deal with it on a personal and interpersonal level. Are you expressing yourself enough? Have you been communicating to others the way yo communicate with yourself?

Release any issues you have about money – this may be a culmination of a big purchase or decision. This Full Moon is bringing in an opportunity for you to examine how you feel about your worth, and if you are letting other people see it and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. take time to reflect on this, because you're worth it.​

It's time for some self reflection. When the moon is in the 12th house we are welcomed to think about how we have been our own self-saboteur, How our actions may have been the result of us falling into old patterns, perhaps you have not met up to our own expectations, or have been too hard on yourself. My favorite thing about the 12th house is that when we are out of it we are beginning a whole new cycle. This is a time to take a break, recoup a rethink about what is important here and get ready to start back with the self in a few days.

The ultimate message of the Full Moon, to find a balance between yourself and others is especially prominent here as it is in your sign. Bring back your focus to the self. Be willing to receive, release any issues you have with yourself or your current situation that might be negative and keep all the positive things. Write them down. be Grateful to You.

Find a balance between what is good for you and what is good for those around you, There is an opportunity to release bad energy that is keeping you from achieving your dreams or goals. This could often be in the form of self-destructive behavior and self-doubt brought on by your surrounding environment. Get rid of all that bad energy and balance that shit out. Get confident, get supported with the help of those around you or by finding it within yourself.

Get clear with where you want to take your career and work life Scorpio, you may feel the need to step out of the shadows and put your self out there and really show off the kind of work you can do. If no one knows you want something how can you expect to get it? At the very least plant intentions this full moon by writing it down and sending out your vibrations to the universe.

Well look at that, we are back to a focus on your big picture zone (the House ruled by your planet, Jupiter) this is where you love to live, big dreams, exciting adventures – find a balance here with this Full Moon by taking a step towards making them a reality. Or perhaps writing about your thoughts, getting them down into a blog post or art form. Personal growth is always on the horizon and this Full Moon energy and everything about your house right now is asking you to harness it.

Find a balance between giving and receiving this week Capricorn. By recognizing where we can be more open or more giving we are able to feel powerful transformation. Reflection on this may bring up issues around lack of abundance, or overindulgence. Well, good thing Full Moons are also a time of forgiveness and letting go, this is an opportunity to reflect and move on. Welcome in a more open and more gracious chapter.