This New Moon is all about progress. We have been hoping for something and are finally starting to see it enter...

This New Moon is all about progress. We have been hoping for something and are finally starting to see it enter our lives but this is just the beginning; the first bud. The Moon in Aquarius asks us to acknowledge the beginning of growth, appreciate where we are and recognize that everything blossoms in its own time. Bask in the baby steps of growth this month. The New Moon is the perfect time to self reflect for a hot second, and get clear with what area of your life you may wanna get more out of. These horoscopes can act as a guideline to where in your life you are experiencing expansion.


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How do you want to grow this year? Feelings about how the world sees you and how you feel and want to be seen may come up, the New Moon in your sign brings opportunity to change this. The Sun is also leaving your sign so you may feel rushed to make some kind of statement before time runs out when in reality you got all the time in the world. Don't be afraid to start small and watch yourself grow into a whole new you throughout your next Solar year.

Visualizes yourself in your ideal life. you may realize that you are half way there, or got a lot going for you. Getting what you want can be easier than you think. Reflect on how you have created abundance your life so far, if things are still a 'lil shaking you should be filled with the energy to create some stability. Think: using money from your next to pay off that bill or buy that thing you need. Opening a savings account, but all in celebration of you getting your own shit together.

Feeling Charismatic? This New Moon highlights your House of communication - don't forget, that includes listening too. This can be encouraging as well as a humbling area to reflect on. Think about how you communicate - to certain people, through certain mediums. What hasn't been working? Can you pinpoint an experience that felt tense or disappointing? Can you think of positive ones? Consider how you can express yourself in a more fulfilling way.

Keep Steady. It's a good time to re-establish your foundations this New Moon. What keeps you grounded? What are your beliefs? What gives you a sense of purpose? My Moon is in Scorpio and I gotta admit I am feeling shaken up. This is a time for deep re-centering. Sort through all the thoughts you got going on that are contributing to any turbulence and know that you are still safe, this time will pass.

The Universe is asking you to wake up to all the good stuff life has to offer. Have a little fun this New Moon,get connected with whatever gives you life, do something courageous, get nostalgic and re-watch your favorite TV show from high school. When it comes to progress, don't be afraid to start fresh with anything in any way you want.

The New Moon illuminates changes in your daily habits and health. Where are things different from last month? Last year? Which areas may need some more tending too? This may be a time to recenter or celebrate your efforts and don't be afraid to make plans for more.

New Moon in your Love Zone. The moon and sun have been hitting your love zone a bit lately and this is just the beginning of some sort of love journey. Consider, is this a self-love journey? Or perhaps a time for new love, welcoming new people into your life? Be careful to keep this energy not selfish as Leos have a tendency to want more personal attainment. Balance out the love between you and the other. do what you need to do for you and create the positive environment for whatever relationship to grow.

Learning the importance of Give and Take. This is a big once Cancer, the moon is in your 8th house and highlights the importance of balance in the areas of sex and money -two very important things to consider and balance out. However, there is a third area that I like to include in this experience and that is of transformation. Yes, transformation needs balance too - have you taken a leap towards something this year and now need to slow down or perhaps you have resisted change and this New Moon is your chance to choose where to expand next!

You may be eager for some big journey or personal development to manifest this week.
The seeds have already been planted and its time to sit back and watch them grow, it may take a longer time than you have hoped for but hey, that's how manifestation works right? Keep holding on to those dreams and drive for self-discovery. It will do you good.

Grounded, structured and strong. The Moon is in your house of career and usually brings in a nice wave of productivity and accomplishment. Others may be recognizing your efforts and you should too. Keep on killing it this month by reestablishing some career goals.

Time to reconnect. With yourself and with those important to you. The Moon is shining on your friend zone and is asking you to reestablish some presence in your social world. This is where a part of you shines and your dreams and motivations are fueled. As the Aquarius moon establishes progress and clearing in this area, perhaps this is a chance to be social in a whole new way. 

Deep Breaths. This may be an intense time for Pisceans, especially sing the sun is moving into your sign next week. The Moon in your 12th house is asking you to take a timeout, not even necessarily to reflect on growth but more so to escape so you can come back with a fresh mind and maybe a new perspective on things.  Take a break from whatever has been consuming you lately, even if it is just for an hour or two, and don't forget to breathe through whatever energy may come to overwhelm you. You. Got. This


Tips on How to Deal with The New Moon 

- Clear out a Drawer or organize your closet to welcome in the New. 

- Start a new book, daily habit or hobby 

- Epsom Salt Baths  to chill the F out because New Moons are intense (also good way to cleanse)  

- Drink lots of water 

- Have deep convos with a good friend