This week is a big one guys! We have a lot of different energy coming up over the next two...

This week is a big one guys! We have a lot of different energy coming up over the next two weeks. No wonder the holiday season always feels so intense, annually we experience the winter solstice and the Suns shift from Sagittarius into Capricorn. The solstice is not only the shortest day of the year but a time to celebrate all the darkness we have been through thus far as the days start to get lighter we can see how we can accept more lightness into our lives as well - a true culmination of the lessons of Sag season.  We also start to experience the energy of the last three signs of the zodiac more powerfully. As the Sun enters Capricorn, we feel a shift towards more practical matters, organization and mental clarity.

This year is a little unique because the day after the solstice and the first day of Capricorn season we have a Full Moon in Cancer. This is a lot of energy to work with all at once.  We also have a special Jupiter + Mercury Conjunction all week long. This means that emotions may run high but there is some kind of optimism underlying it all. The moon in Cancer makes me think of cozy Christmas nights, while the Jupiter Mercury partnership bodes well for communication and sudden turns of events that end up being for the better.

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Aries : Aries Rising

The solar focus on our 9th house is ending, so a lot of your big ideas and adventurous energy is coming to a close as you shift into a more practical mindset which prepares you for the last quarter of your solar year. The Full Moon in Cancer over the weekend helps you ground all of these thoughts and recenter yourself. Take time this week to reflect on how you want the next few months to pan out, what do you want to accomplish - it's time to stop daydreaming about them and start doing. You may have already put some big things into motion so this Full Moon and Solstice energy helps ground your work so far and your intentions into more of a structure and routine.  The Full Moon could also bring up a lot about your home and family life. This could mean a little rebalancing in your home is in order for you to fulfill your new plans. This is a good time to clean up the house, rearrange your spaces or reconnect with family.


Taurus : Taurus Rising

Any issues concerning your personal transformation, sex and money could be resolved this week - if you've played your cards right throughout Sagittarius Season. If not, it may still be time to take some action towards changing those parts of your life. What do you feel needs adjusted? Have you worked towards that yet? What has happened that makes you feel brand new? The Full Moon in Cancer helps you centre yourself among this transformational energy and go forward in a new, confident way. The Full Moon may cause some drama when it comes to communicating with others, perhaps there's something or someone you have been neglecting and you will need to address that this week. The Solstice on Saturday can be a really powerful time for you after the sun's messages of transformation over the past month, How do you want to proceed? What bigger picture do you see coming together?


Gemini : Gemini Rising

Sag season has brought on a huge re-focusing on your life area of love. This could mean romantic relationships, or other closer partnerships and bonds. What have you realized about how you feel about your people this month? What bonds are important to you, and worth hanging on to? What others need to be let go? You may notice a contrast of feeling social and introverted this week with the moon in cancer you may feel the need to get a little quiet and reflect a bit or hang out at home. Something is stirring up where you are questioning your values a bit and this can be hard to deal with while thinking of others, relationships and trying to impress or please. Your ruling sing moves into sag, which keeps this optimistic, knowledge seeking energy that you love around for a few more weeks. Over all things are looking positive but don't forget to spend some time thinking about yourself rather than others and your latest obsession.


Cancer : Cancer Rising

The Full Moon on Friday is in your sign and this could bring up a lot up for you this week. The Full Moon is a time of drama and excitement, sometimes we et a little emotional. As we move into Capricorn Season, it is now half a year until your birthday so the Full Moon in your first house acts as a bit of a check up on how you have been doing so far this year! You doing okay mentally? Have you made some big changes? This is the perfect time to RECENTER and reconnect to yourself. With Sagittarius season ending you could feel  these changes a bit more materially - there could be actual changes in your routine and health areas. Make sure you are giving yourself time to get used to your changes so far and maybe you will start to feel more at home!


Leo : Leo Rising

Take it easy Leo, now is the time to really grasp the lesson of going with the flow. AS the holiday stresses creep up on you Sag's lesson of having fun, and being optimistic really kick you in the but. How are you making sure to enjoy each moment? How can you make this crazy time of year fun, instead of stressful? The full moon on Friday may hit you a little hard as it is in your 12th house, this makes you a little antsy, subconsciously you are aware of a cycle ending but can't quite figure out what it is. Use the energy of the Solstice on Saturday to meditate on it, get clear with how you want to proceed and feel in the months to come.


Virgo : Virgo Rising

The Sun in Sag and The Full Moon in Cancer help you solidify a few lessons over the weekend. What have you learnt about what grounds you this month? Have you connected to your home and family, or do you feel grounded through a whole other way? Sag Season has asked you to pay attention to your home life and how you can create a fresh start, so after a month of some adjustment, you are headed into some more comfortable energy. The Full moon is a good place to start experiencing this new chapter, an opportunity, idea or experience may come up that lights up some new drive and connects you back to the life you want to live out side of your shell.


Scorpio : Scorpio Rising

Your core values have had a bit of a shake up this month, Scorpio. And I mean it like, it feels like you have actually been shaken out of some sort of daze and finally see some of the issues before you. The Full Moon and Solstice energy over this weekend create the perfect time for you to make so plans to overcome these issues and set some mad goals. Remember that it is important to follow through this time. You are able to see the domino effect of your actions and how working had now to overcome whatever it is can create a much, much, better future, or version of yourself.


Sagittarius : Sagittarius Rising

It is the LAST week of the sun in your sign so soak it up while you can. This is the last week to fully embrace your own energy and self evaluate or rebrand. Mercury and Jupiter are in your sign over the course of the week which brings a lot of positive energy to communicating your ideas and embracing your creativity. So, if there is anything that you have been meaning to get off your chest, share or create. now is your time to start it up!  The Sun moves out of your sign on the same few days as the full Moon in Cancer - This is so cool as the Full Moon for you opens up a new doorway to transformation and asks you to consider which parts of yourself you want to develop a little deeper.


Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

This is officially the end of the end of a cycle for you Cap! What do you want to say goodbye to? What have you experienced that just needs to be in the past? As the Sun shifts into Capricorn on Saturday acknowledge your journey this week and feel into trusting the process. This may be easier said than done since the full moon is in your 7th house - this can often be a little dramatic because relationships and love life drama often come up with this lunar position. This makes it hard to focus on ones own journey and trusting the process, especially if that love drama is the frustrating kind.  There is no way of knowing what kind of relationship issues may come up for you this week but I can tell you this: Use the energy fo the solstice, the Sun entering your sign and the Moons position to reflect on how YOU and your journey relates to others. What relationships and lessons has this past year brought to you? How are you a BETTER person today for going through that?


Aquarius : Aquarius Rising

There seems to be some kind of adjustment needed here, Aquarius. The Full Moon asks you to check in with your own health and routine this week, you may have been a little to distracted lately to eat right or work out so make sure to recenter and take time for yourself to settle into a good flow for the holidays. The Sun spends its last week in your 11th house which is a pretty funky social house, you may have been a bit more chatty or social this month and its a good time to check in with habits, people and even ideas or dreams that you want to continue with.


Pisces : Pisces Rising

As usual, there just seems to be a lot going on with you. Neptune being conjunct to Mars in your sign could make you a bit more distracted and emotion this week, you may need to figure out a good way to stay on top of your schedule if you're dealing with a busy schedule. a phase is ending in your public life or perhaps your workplace, this could be a job change or change in attitude - hopefully for the better. This shifting energy is paired with the Full moon in your fifth house, offering a space to reflect on how you can lighten up, have fun and get more creative in your life. If work has been a major focus this is a great energy to work with as it allows you to move into a more authentic optimistic phase in your life as you come through the solstice into Capricorn season.