Aquarius  The Sun has finally entered Aquarius and this means the next few weeks will be all about you. This...


The Sun has finally entered Aquarius and this means the next few weeks will be all about you. This month is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all that you are, whether that be making a change to your look or embracing your originality, make sure to love up on you this week. 



You may feel the need to get your shit together this week. Things could come up financially or emotionally that require your attention. It is important to get clear with your values and what is important to you. 


Embrace your originality this week Aries, especially when it comes to how you express yourself. You may struggle with old self conscious patterns but are stepping into a time where you are able to  recognize the unique ways you contribute to the world and your relationships.


It is important for you to get grounded this week. As Jupiter is opposite your sign you are more likely to feel overwhelmed with ideas of the future and where you want to be. Clear your mind, take a walk, journal, or whatever you can do to connect to your energy. 



Take on a new perspective and consider where you let your thoughts get the best of you. Things may come up this week that stop you from taking action or getting your shit done. Instead of getting frustrated, trust the timing and have a little fun this week by going with the flow.  


Events may come up that throw your daily routine off track. Don't let this get to you too much, sometimes you just have to deal with the chaos in order to refine your plans. Take deep breaths and  make adjustments with ease.


People and partnerships become your main focus this week, you should be feeling confident when it comes to your interactions. It is important here to remember to stay true to yourself and that your confidence comes from that inner connection to your truth.


Fearlessly embrace transformation this week. The sun is shining on your house of transformation and this is the perfect opportunity to feel the magic, make changes, and grow.  



You know what you want to do, where your purpose is and what you can achieve. Although these dreams may be in the future, this week is the perfect time to plan and work towards them. 


This week should bring some loving feelings around your career or work areas. Jupiter in your sign offers opportunities and optimism. basically good vibes all around when it comes to putting your self out in the world.



Things may heat up in your social life this week with Mars in your sign and the Sun shining on your house of friendships. This is the perfect time to feel the love, celebrate and be present with those around you. 



The Sun has just left your sign and I always find this time to be a little difficult. You may feel the need to take a time out and reconnect. Self care, self evaluation and cozy nights in bed are all good options to deal with this energy.