The Sun has officially entered Aries and that marks the beginning of a brand new astrological year. Things are starting...
The Sun has officially entered Aries and that marks the beginning of a brand new astrological year. Things are starting to heat up and move forward, away from the complex and emotional intensity of Pisces. With the Spring Equinox bringing in fresh energy as well, this week is sure to bring new ideas and the means to act and initiate them. Do you feel it? How will you start fresh this week?
With the Sun and Venus in your sign there is a lot of feel good, fiery energy this week. This may take form in planning some new adventures, changing up your look, or reconnecting to whatever is most important to you. There are endless possibilities and you might want to go go go. However, Mercury does go retrograde this Thursday in your sign. This heads a warning to not go to fast, remember to double check things and be considerate of others when you act. If something happens to hinder your plans this week, it is definitely for the better.
Things are beginning to stabilize for you this week. After soaking in the sensitive energy of Pisces, Aries warms you up and prepares you for a new cycle. You may find yourself taking care of more practical matters this month, getting things sorted out financially and tying up the odds and ends. With Venus hanging out beside your sign things should feel comfortable and relaxed this week, you just need to give yourself the chance to enjoy it.
Okay Gemini, things may get a little intense for you this week, but you have it in you to adapt and flow with whatever comes your way. The Sun is currently hitting your house of communication and expression, as a Gemini you are ruled by this house and by Mercury, the planet of communication which begins to retrograde on Thursday. Things are bound to heat up when it comes to how you talk and put yourself our there this week. With a little help from Venus, sextile to your sign and your naturally curious energy these challenges will be welcomed and accepted with ease. After all, when it comes to communication and getting your point across you’re a rockstar. My only advice is to make sure you listen as well.
You might need a little kick to really start feeling the vibrant new beginning Aries Season brings in. This Week seems a little tense with your sign square Mercury and Venus, whatever discomfort comes your way is all for the better as it will stimulate some drive for change closer to the end of the month. This week, feel free to take it easy, stay in and treat yourself well before the energy of Aries hits you full force.
Remember what it feels like to have fun? This month is all about approaching things with a lighter perspective, remembering how to let loose and expressing yourself creatively. The Mercury retrograde slows down the pace of the month ahead, so you can really enjoy every second. With Venus assisting this energy pay attention to how you can make each moment a little more enjoyable this week.
As a Virgo you love some structure to your day to day life, but something seems to be challenging your usual way of being. With Mercury and Jupiter both in Retrograde there may be more issues than usual. Take this experience and over come the complications, learn to adapt and make a routine out of the non-routine.
You might be going through a trying time right now Libra, whether you know it or not. Your sign is in opposition to the big energies that are going on right now and that may bring some confusion, feeling like you’re ‘foggy’ or not wanting to deal with much – particularly when it comes to relationships. This gives you the opportunity to look at things from a different point of view when it comes to expressing yourself, relationships and what makes you feel good. What’s your POV this week?
Your inner self seems to have more of a handle on shit this week. Aries energy allows you to feel the start of a brand-new cycle of transformation and growth and this is what you live for!! It almost feels like you want to celebrate. Take advantage of this brand-new momentum and do some things that pleasure your senses, indulge a little, experience some thing mysterious.
You are currently in a cosmic sandwich between Jupiter and Saturn and Mars. These powerful signs so close to your sign bring a lot of energy to the table, so much that you may feel burnt out. Give your mind a break and find a way to escape this week. By reconnecting with what brings you peace of mind and your larger life goals you’ll be fired up and ready to go.
As the hardest working sign of the zodiac you are more than likely to feel a burst of new energy toward your work and career goals this month. Working with Aries, another cardinal sign, this is prime time to set the foundations for new work endeavors and get structured and organized. With Saturn Square to this position you may experience some stress in the beginning, only for it to fuel the fire to a new beginning.
You are all about people this week Aquarius, and everyone may seem to be loving up on you. You may find yourself given opportunity to show your skill and make your presence known. Starting the new astrological year off with a big entrance and foundation in other peoples lives. Beginning this year with good friendships and good vibes all around.
This is prime time for you to drift and float away for a little. With the sun moving into Aries you are now back in your house – the 12th House of the unknown. This is a good time to disappear and reflect on how you want the next astrological year to go emotionally, and how you can step up, let your ego go and be there for others. With your planetary ruler Neptune, at home in your sign, getting that reflection and recharge will be easier than you think.