Once my calendar hits the month of October I am always in the mood to read something creepy, scary, and suspenseful....

Once my calendar hits the month of October I am always in the mood to read something creepy, scary, and suspenseful. Sometimes it can be pretty challenging to find something that piques my interest and gives me the chills I am searching for.  For my fellow book lovers I have compiled a list of suitable Halloween reads to have you shaking in your booties.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on these books if you've read them or are going to read them; drop a comment below!


1. Afraid/Trapped/Endurance by Jack Kilborn

The first book I am going to introduce to you is actually a trilogy, which don't exactly happen together but are all so amazing that they have to be a trio. These are by far the scariest books I have ever read so if you want to be terrified then these are the ones to read.  These are not too long, about 200 pages each, so they don't require a big commitment which makes these perfect for a Halloween read. In Afraid, a group of programmed mercenaries descend on a tiny town and kill everyone. Literally, no one is safe and it's terrifying. In Trapped, a group home for teenage delinquents goes on a camping trip to a remote island that ends up being the home of cannibals. The final book of the trilogy is Endurance, this book features an inn tucked away in the mountains where a huge family of creepy disfigured people pray on the guests who check in. 


2. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys stories selected by April Genevieve Tucholke


I bought this book as something that I could read while on vacation since I was travelling during the month of October. I didn't want something too long that I would be distracted by so this was an easy choice,  a collection of horror stories by some talented horror and thriller writers. The good thing about short stories is they get right to the point, scare the hell out of you in only a few pages and leave you shook. Sometimes longer horror novels can get a little boring with all the backstory or detail that is written into them, not with this! Some of the stories featured in this include topics of ghosts, monsters, pedophiles, and death itself. If you are looking for quick fix to scare you for Halloween then this is a great choice.


3. Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

I read this book a few months back and shared it with all my bookworm friends and we all agreed this is a must read for all horror/thriller readers. This book ventures more into the psychological/thriller/mystery rather than a straight up gory horror novel which really messes with your mind. I really love a book with a good twist, even if you can sometimes see the twists coming. I don't want to give too much away about this book but it follows two sisters who have reconnected after being estranged while they unravel the mystery that surrounds one of the sisters newly deceased husband. 











4. You & Hidden Bodies  by Caroline Kepnes

These book instantly shot to the top of my favorites list once I read them. The story is so unique, intriguing and a little bit disturbing. I'm not quite sure how to classify these into a specific genre because it really is in a league of its own. These books are from the point of view of Joe, who happens to be a psychopathic stalker who gets really attached to the object of his desire. The weird part of this book is while Joe is clearly crazy, you are still sort of rooting for him. It's creepy and will definitely have you on the end of your seat and the good thing is there are two of them so once you finish with You there is always Hidden Bodies.


5. Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

I've gone this whole list trying to avoid being a cliche list and having a million Stephen King books and while I have achieved my goal of leaving out the King novels that we've all read, I must add this novel by his son, Joe Hill. King is one of my all time favorite authors and when I found out his son was writing I was very intrigued, and let me tell you, after reading Heart Shaped Box I was not disappointed. This book is creepy and compelling, it follows a retired rock star who is into the macabre and collects various creepy things, he ends up buying a ghost which has some ties to the former rock star and is hell bent on destroying him and anyone who has ties to him.