Around this exact time last year, I was struggling with a lot of things in my life. It was my...

Around this exact time last year, I was struggling with a lot of things in my life. It was my first year of university and amongst trying to succeed academically I was also struggling to figure out who I was.

One of my closest friends had given me Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur as a gift for my birthday in October, however, I didn’t actually read until the end of November and it was perfect timing. It was a time where things had gotten to their lowest point and I highly debated whether or not Carleton was the place for me and what I was even doing here to begin with. So, when I readMilk and Honey, I was shocked to find it was a poetic embodiment of absolutely everything I was feeling. Amongst that, it made me realize that I had been unappreciative of certain things that had always been around me for support. Milk and Honey gave me hope. To know that there was another woman out there who understood the kinds of stress’ I was facing in my own life made me feel less alone. Her poems made me change my perspective on my own life, the people around me, and how to handle all of it so Rupi I thank you deeply for that.

A few days ago, Rupi came to Ottawa and I got to see and hear perform her poetry. This woman, a woman who changed my perspective on life, is absolutely incredible. While also getting the opportunity to understand the deeper meaning of her poetry, I also got to know more about her. For example, when Milk and Honey first came out when she was 21, it was a self-published book that sold about 10,000 copies. Yeah, she did that on her own. Rupi Kaur is an incredible woman with a beautiful talent that has the power to move mountains. If any one of you is ever in need of some literary inspiration, advice or just need something to read, look to Rupi.