As someone who wants to work in the fashion industry, I often spend my days perusing the Instagram pages of...

As someone who wants to work in the fashion industry, I often spend my days perusing the Instagram pages of models with cool faces doing cool things. All of the models I follow have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, and after asking myself what I thought it was, I realized this: they just don’t seem to give a f*ck.

I have never not given a f*ck about anything, but I wanted to try and reach this ultra level of coolness. As per my research, I compiled a step-by-step process on how to not give a f*ck and still look cool. (Prepare for shameful self promo.)

Step One: Mastering the Full Body Mirror Selfie

It’s hard to position yourself in a way that is both comfortable and makes you look as though you’re not really trying, but I feel like this is a skill that everybody should know. A head tilt, popped hip, and a pout is a foolproof to get effortlessly cool mirror selfies every time.

Step Two: Embracing your Flaws

 After taking those mirror selfies, you may notice things about yourself that aren’t particularly flattering to you - but you need to own it! The things you’re most insecure about may be what makes you stand out in a good way.

Step Three: The Flattering Unflattering Selfie

This is the ultimate tier of coolness. There’s a certain empowerment when you’re in control of how bad your selfie is going to look - so much so that it looks great anyways. The nonchalant tongue sticking out is always a good pose, but a zoom on your sweaty and makeup-smudged face is even better.

Step Four: Do Something Edgy

I tried smoking a cigarette. It was not fun, and I didn’t get pictures because I’m scared that my mom will find out. Oops.

Step Five: Spread Positivity

 Once you realize that you can basically do anything without having to listen to other people’s opinions (granted you’re not harming anyone in any way), you achieve a sort of self-actualization that makes you want to help other realize their own coolness. This comes in the form of supporting others without bringing yourself down. Not only does this make you look cool, but it also makes you cool overall.

After all of this, am I cool? Who knows. Do I give less of a f*ck? Surprisingly, yes. Although this isn’t for everyone and there isn’t a one-way ticket to not caring about what others think, this at least helped me feel a little bit cooler.