I just started working a new job at the mall last week and I’ve got to say so far that...

I just started working a new job at the mall last week and I’ve got to say so far that working in a mall is like not even making any money. Especially in a really big mall, there are just so many stores where I can buy things I don't need so it can easily end up like I'm not even making any money regardless of whether I spend it on clothes, food, or candles, or whatever my guilty pleasure is that day... 

Now because I do want to make some money from this job and not just spend everything, I have come up with some ways that could possibly help me from spending less money at the mall. Whether you work at a mall full time, or just for this holiday season, hopefully these tips I've come up with are helpful for you as well. If you have any other tips then please don't hesitate to share them! 

1. Leave your cards at home!  Just have $20 cash for every three days so you can get a meal but have no extra money which can prevent you from spending it on other things you don't need. 

2. Leave the mall as soon as you get off work.  Literally escape out the quickest exist so you can walk past the least amount of stores as possible and not be tempted to spend any money. 

3. Simply do not go into any stores.  I mean we all know that if you go into the store to just look around and window shop, you always find that one thing you think you need and the next thing you know, you’ve spent the money you just made. 

4. Don’t arrive to work too early.  This can be risky for some people when it comes to being on time, but if you don't get to the mall early, then don't have time to look into any stores on your way to work.

5. Make your own lunch so you bring your own food.  If you are really prepared and know yourself very well in regards to how hungry you get, then do this. This avoids any possibility of you buying anything because you don’t have cash or your cards on you. 

6. If none of these work… then get a different job.  Get one where you can’t buy shit that you don’t need.