Every month, I like to meet with my writers so we can share ideas, get to know each other, and...

Every month, I like to meet with my writers so we can share ideas, get to know each other, and just have some fun. This month, in honour of October being a very spooky month and because we all agreed to meet on Friday, the 13th, we decided to go try out an escape room at Escape Manor.


Now, I had heard all about escape rooms and just how fun they are prior to going, but I had never actually gone myself. However, I'm so glad I finally tried one out! When booking the room, I had no clue which one to book, I just chose one without even reading the description or looking at the levels of difficulty. When we got there, we didn't really ask any questions and decided to wait until the end to find out the success rate of the room we chose; the Darkness. So, ours was booked at the location on Queen St. and it was low key hard to find the building just because of construction, but once you got to the building, there was a very visible sign indicating that you were at the right spot (but it's basically right beside the Queen St. GoodLife gym). Anyway, you walk in and you first see a bar but right beside it is an elevator that lets you know that Escape Manor is on the fourth floor. Right when the doors of the elevator open on the fourth floor, you're in the main lobby of Escape Manor which is dimly lit by candles and has a receptionist. She greets you, asks you for your reservation name, and then you sign a waiver and make your payment. You're then able to sit in the lobby and order a drink if you want, while you wait for your whole group to arrive so you can head into the room.


Once our whole party arrived, one of the hosts introduced himself to us and brought us over to the door of the room where he gave us a bit of a backstory. Turns out the Darkness room is based around selling your soul to the Devil in exchange for an easy, successful life. Once you enter the room, there is a very creepy feel to it as it is again, only lit by candles and dimmed lamps, but in addition to this, the Satanic accents all over the room don't make it feel anymore welcoming. I won't give away much regarding the smaller details of the room, but it is very well done and it does make you feel like you're in what would be the devil's office. It's also very cold in the room and I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but it makes it that much eerier; I would recommend bringing a sweater. 


Anyways, we unfortunately didn't make it out of the room but when we our host came to get us, he let us know that we had chosen the hardest room! I'm not saying this is an excuse or anything but we did make a really stupid mistake that could have been easily avoidable. Apparently, the success rate of this room was very low but I won't say it just in case you decide to go for yourself!


All in all, I would definitely recommend going with a group of your friends because it really is super fun and it's something I would go back to. The price was affordable and the location was conveniently located downtown so it's something that anyone can afford to do or manage to get to!


This is their website to book a room, as well as find out their different locations around Ottawa. If you go, make sure you tell them you read our review!